When you talk about interactive card games, there are only fewer options that cater to the requirements. They not only add fun but sharpen your mind. The more you practice, the more you excel at the game. There are various types of Yu-Gi-Oh card types, and before you step right into the game, you must make sure that you at least have a rough idea about it.

Monster cards

These are simple yet effective cards. Every card has the name that is specified on it. There are various levels involved in the card which determines the summon of the monster. There are seven attributes of a card and twenty-five types which only matter when a card text specifies so. On effect monsters, the Text explains their effects. The ATK is the stat when the monster is in the attack position. Def is when the monster is in the defense position. The terminology will take a couple of minutes to understand the value of every text which comes in very handy in the game.

Monster cards

Spell cards

The game is not all about summoning the monster but there are so many things that you do in the process. You have to support the monsters with the spells. They can either be activated immediately or later. There are also Quick-Spells. The types of spells are – Normal spell, Equip Spell, Continous Spell, Quick-Play spell, and field spells. The normal spell has no icon, the equip spell has a Plus sign, the continuous spells have remained on the filed indefinitely, Quick-Play spell can be activated on your opponents turn, and field spell have a Compass rose icon.

Trap cards:

These are special cards that lie in wait until you reveal them. This is the last type of card. They are facedown and are revealed later in the game. There are certain types of Trap cards that you should know before you start your game. The first on is Normal Traps that do not have an icon, while as Continous Traps remain in the field indefinitely and have an infinity icon. The Counter Traps have an arrow Icon and can be activated faster.

Trap cards

What does Chain mean in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Some cards work differently than the others in the game. They can be activated in response to something that is happening. This can lead to a chain that can continue in addition to the players. The effects can resolve in the backward. The response can only happen if you have an equal or a greater spell card. In which case you can go ahead.


There are so many things that you should keep in mind before you trade cards. The cards are fun, but the most fun comes from the fact that you understand everything. A little surf on the internet will find you adequate resources that will help you know the paradigms of the game. If you are thoughtful in making your deck, the fun will multiply and the game will be more interactive.

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