We always wish to dress up like our fictional characters and cosplay is one of the best places to dress up. There are many fictional cartoons, episodes and movies which can allow you to make the most out of the event. These fictional characters, although they do not exist in real life, we will make sure that you have the right time, which can allow you to get the right eyes. Here are some of the best ways you can dress up as your favourite character.

Wizards of Waverley Place

This is arguably one the best fictional show which was aired on Disney television which stars Selena Gomez. This was a fantastic family show which was based on magic. This is a pure family entertainer who won hearts, especially with the children who loved magic. This story consists of a family where three siblings possess magic powers when they live with their parents. This is a show which is admired and appreciated with its viewers. One of the most stand out of them was Selena’s outfit in this show which is absolutely cute and cheery.

High School Musical

This is another show which focused on a lot of teenage life. They show teenagers who are interested in High School Musicals which is a teen romantic comedy. This was a teen romantic comedy which aired in Disney started from 2006. The characters are fairly appreciated by the audience and are loved by most teenagers. This is one show which got most people inspired when it comes to following their dreams. The clothes that they wore portrayed their funky and cool style, which was the best fashion statement to make your life a bit easier.

Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is one of those TV shows which can still give a lot of impacts when it comes to the look that she creates. Miley Cyrus, who was the lead, acted as Miley Stewart as well as Hannah Montana. This instantly became every girl’s dream which got her a lot of fame after the show. Her style and the dress inspired a lot from the show. Although she was a fictional character, many girls copied her style in real life.

Hannah Montana

Sonny with a chance

This is one show one can never forget as it started Demi Lovato. This was a show which aired in 2009 and was simply to showcase a teenage girls life which was appreciated by the audience. It was also her style which caught the attention of most people. In the show, Demi goes for a chic look which gives fashion a new term which also inspired a lot of youngsters.

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