For commercial poker plays, less distracting events are encouraged. However, a combination of poker and cosplay, if well planned for, can make up an awesome fun party since the two events share a lot in common. To ensure a good mix between cosplay and poker, the following plan can be appropriate.

Identify A Relevant Theme

The inaugural step in organizing a mixed poker and cosplay night is to identify a universal theme that will attract a large number of people. The theme should carefully be selected to cover both pokers playing and cosplaying. In turn, the selected theme will influence selecting the appropriate dressing code for the party in terms of the costumes and their colors. After selecting the theme and the dressing code, one can now send invitations that are tied to these themes so as to ensure all the attendees are acquitted with the rules and requirements for the party.

Making Appropriate Decorations

One of the essentials for decoration is a stylish welcoming set up which may involve a couple of fake flowers and trees on either side, an entrance that is colored in accordance with the theme. A well-decorated podium where the attendees may be given a chance to demonstrate their cosplays will also be significant. In addition, all the poker accessories should be decorated with colors and other items that describe the selected theme.

Selecting The Game

The most popular poker variants, such as Texas Hold’em or Chinese poker should be selected since nobody would want to attend the party and start learning rules for new games instead of having fun. Besides availing the necessary tools for playing pokers such as the poker table, cards, and chips, other, a few basic rules for the game should be communicated to the attendees like the time of play or what to do before setting up a bet. To ensure everyone haves fun, different play stations for different levels of poker players should be set up since mixing beginners and experienced players might be uncomfortable for the beginners and rather stress them up instead of making them have fun.

Food, Snack, And Beverages

Poker night cannot be complete without food and snacks. Light snacks such as mini-sandwiches and chips well top-dressed with colors that are relevant to the party should be served. Along with the snacks should be a hefty supply of beverages such as cocktails, beer, and other non- alcoholic drinks. Other commutative food rules should be formulated to add more fun and also encourage interactions amongst the attendees. An example of search a rule is the winner of a particular poker game to serve food for the next game. People should be advised to come with some snacks and drinks of specified theme colors to pass around. To avoid disturbance on the poker tables, greasy and fatty foods should be avoided since they stick on the cards, as well as the food serving tables should be located far from the playing table.

Captivating Music

To kill the party, smooth background music such as classy jazz or any music related to the theme will be relevant. In cases of big parties, a relevant band can be invited to make live performances. When such a plan is strictly followed, one can be sure of a fascinating night of both poker and cosplay.

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