Anime has many genres. It has been one of the successful platforms that have inspired many things such as Pokémon. Anime was initially targeted at children but soon the animation grew out of its mould and started attracted a new crowd. The series is made for the adult group where various themes are beautifully integrated into the scene. Many of the series came out with their playing cards that added fun and interest to the game.

Battle Spirits

This is one of the most popular series that you can find. Directed by Akira Nishimori, the story revolves around a young boy who is taken to the alternate world of Grand Rolo. He soon learns that he had been chosen as a soldier. The task is to save Grand Rolo from the Otherworld King. The fans of Anime should not miss this one.

Battle Spirits


This series makes use of the card game in a very innovative way. The story is creative and makes use of expressions that are part of the game. The main protagonist Aoi Kiriya and her best friend.  Starlight Academy is a school that teaches girls how to be entertainment idols. For the audition in the school, they have to get the Aikatsu Cards that will give them access to dresses and accessories worn by famous idols.

Cardfight!! Vanguard

The story follows a shy kid who gets bullied a lot but has a rare card that gets stolen. He finds the thief and challenges him to a gaming duel. The Anime may look like a rip-off as many have stated, but it has its uniqueness. There is a sci-fi twist added, and the cards are being unveiled throughout the series.

Cardfight!! Vanguard

Duel Masters

Duel Masters revolves around Shobu Kirifuda who excels in a Card game called Duel Masters and wants to be like his father who is also a famous dueller. To attain mastery, Shobu needs to win a tournament. The series is well known among the younger generation, but also the older generation is liking it.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

This series is also popular in the US and Canada. The story is about two friends Dan Kuso and Shun, who after grabbing a card that fell out of the sky, create a game called Bakugam. The real problem arrives when they stumble upon the actual Bakugam and must fight for it. The series has its line of video games, toys, and electronics. The objective of the card game is to collect three Gate cards, and the miniature version of the images are used on the cards.


Anime is one of the most entertaining ways to keep busy. Over the years, it has been based on everything. Initially targeted at a younger audience, Anime is establishing itself to be a favorable choice among diverse age groups. Furthermore, the topics are much diverse than the regular animations and that’s what makes it much different than what we have today.

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