The Best Gambling Ideas for a Halloween Cosplay Party

Halloween cosplay party is one time of the year which will allow you to declare your gaming passions. There are a lot of opportunities your way which will allow you to throw a Halloween themed gambling party. In this article, we will be learning some inspirations for your next Halloween cosplay party.

Decorating your space for gamer Halloween


If your local dollar or discount store is offering you discounted decorations. Raid and buy the things which will allow you to get the right decorations this time of the year. The video game theme is something that you can use the elements like spiders and spiderwebs, bats which can help ensure that scary paranormal element is taken in. You can also opt for the online shopping experience to help reflect on your gamers passions.

Costumes and Make-up

Costumes and make-up can be very easy and complicated, which can allow you to take the right inspirations from cosplay. This will allow you to kickstart your efforts up a notch. The cosplay dress can allow you to get everything regularly, which is at a whole new level. You can opt for pre-made dresses and older them in bulk. You can look around in online forums like Pinterest for the costume ideas.

Costumes and Make-up

Party Ideas and Themes

Zombie Apocalypse: Probably one of the most common themes used in these gambling Halloween cosplay party but is still a big hit. This is one party where you can easily get food body parts involved like gross hands, etc. You can also add fluids to the punch to make it grosser.

Gothic Halloween Parties: This is an excellent approach if you are going for the Halloween spirits. There are many spooky ideas from food to the decorations that you can carry out. You can also have a strict black dress code which will make everything cohesive.

Retro Halloween: A balloon wall which has the right cobwebs allows the spiders to help add some gamer whimsy. You can make sure to dress up like old gamblers and bring in your gambler information to light. This will allow you to get the right layer gamer on the decals with the Halloween for one maximum scare factor.

Halloween games LAN party: You can ask your friends to come with the loaded Halloween games which can allow you to have a lot of fun. You can even turn the party into an alternate reality game which can allow you to get the right access to some of the best games while at the party. This is one of the best ways for a millennial party which can bring everyone under one roof for a night of fun.

Cosplay Poker Ideas to Get the Party Started 101

Not many would have explored the idea of cosplay poker, primarily because the idea is not much out there. We have heard and talked a lot about the different variations of poker that one can indulge in during holidays and weekends. But not many of us would know what cosplay poker is. To answer your question, the way one takes cosplay poker can differ from person to person. Poker itself has several variations, and cosplay poker is an exciting variation of the same card game. If one were to provide a working definition of cosplay poker, it could be defined as an event where players would dress up as different characters from their favorite shows, books and movies and then indulge in poker. In a nutshell, cosplay poker is the idea of mixing poker and cosplay to produce something creative and fun. And to help you get your party started, we have come up with some fun ideas for your cosplay poker night. Read on to know more.

Look Up For Some of the Best-Known Characters From Movies:

There are several characters that happen to steal our hearts and etch themselves in our memories forever. These characters are just everywhere and have transcended the boundaries of time, language and geography. A few characters that you can use for your cosplay poker activity are Voldemort, the evil sorcerer from the much-celebrated Harry Potter franchise Imagine the amount of havoc you can wreak on those trying to get away with cheating in poker. You could also dress up as a character from Game of Thrones while you make nimble moves with the cards.


Learn the Poker Rules As Well as Possible:

It is important that you know your poker rules as well as possible if you are to mix cosplay and poker together. There is no way you can lose your concentration while playing a hand in poker and also manage the costume that you are in. It is just going to be difficult if you have to concentrate on both. Plus, it shall also ruin your night. Therefore, make sure that you know the poker rules well enough to be able to deal with the costume and the game with utmost dexterity.

Learn About the Other Variations of Poker As Well:

Only because you are going for a cosplay poker evening, you need not stick to the boring old poker game. Bring your own variations into the game or learn about the other variations to poker from the internet. These variations can help you understand the game better and also add on to the fun that you are all set to bring in with your cosplay poker event. It shall not cost you much, and you can also enjoy quality time with friends and family.



Cosplay poker is an extremely fun affair if you know how to go about it in the right ways. You need not expend much time or energy. All you need to do is have the mind to do some research and build your own ideas with your out-of-the-box creativity.

How to Mix Cosplay and Poker for a Fun Night 101

There is no shortage of fun ideas that you can throw in your normal poker gathering to enhance the quality of time spent with friends and family. The classic card game of poker itself has several variations. Add cosplay to that, the fun quotient only goes up quite a few notches. While there are several ideas that you can get from the internet concerning cosplay, you might not be able to find all that much that mixes poker and cosplay together in a unique union. However, if you are scouring for ideas to kick-start your poker party, here are a few points that you can consider.

Research on the Various Cosplay Themes:

This should be easy. There are enough resources and materials available on the internet that gives you an idea about what cosplay is and also furnishes several ideas about its themes. Just make sure that you take your ideas from the right sources, lest you could be ruining the dressing-up game for you and your friends. It does not take much of an effort, but doing the right research is imperative. Get the sources right, and you shall be all set for a fun night.

Learn the Different Variations of Poker Games:

No one said that you have to have only one type of poker game for the poker night. You can come up with your own rules, if need be, or you can even learn the rules of a few other variations of poker games. It is incredibly easy to go about the learning process when you have access to the internet. Make use of the internet, and you shall not have to wander about to get the hang of the poker rules before the party.


Make Sure that You Have the Right Dressing Up Materials At Your Disposal:

All the digging up for resources and learning the poker rules shall amount to nothing, if you do not have the right materials at your disposal. Soon after you find out the right themes for your party, set out to get the materials for the party. This is why it is imperative that you start with your research way ahead of the party. This way, you shall have enough time to find what you need and then get then get the party started on time.

Dressing Up

Finally, Have the Right Setting for Your Party:

Now that you have made arrangements for your party, it is time for you to have the perfect setting for your party. Invite your friends and get them all together over snacks and drinks, and some fun cosplay themes. You can never run out of cosplay ideas and therefore, mixing cosplay and poker shall, by default, lead to an amazing night.

Cosplay Ideas from Anime Based on Gambling 101

The word anime has a universal appeal to itself. The Japanese might have come up with the concept and transformed it into a form of art. But, it is not restricted within the confines of Japan anymore. Anime is an extremely popular form of Japanese art that has been developed into graphic novels, animated series and movies. Some of the most popular anime are Death Note, Kakegurui- Compulsive Gambler, Kaiji- Ultimate survivor and the like. These anime are famous to the extent that they have given rise to several cosplay ideas as well. Halloween or a fun poker evening, it is always exciting to dress the part from one of these anime and build your own source of entertainment. With this view in mind, we have come up with a few ideas from gambling based anime that you can use for cosplay and add more fun to your gathering with friends. It needs no extra effort, just some good intention and research to get the ideas rolling on the floor. Therefore, without wasting any further moment, let us dig a little deeper to choose the best characters from these gambling based anime.

gambling based anime

Kakegurui- Compulsive Gambler:

We need to start our discussion by mentioning one of the most celebrated gambling anime, Kakegurui- Compulsive Gambler. Going into the storyline might only ruin the premise for all those who are yet to catch up on this one. But know that, you can choose the protagonist of this anime for your cosplay idea. Everyone who has watched the anime will understand at once, and you shall be revered at the poker table for your great selection for cosplay.


Kaiji- Ultimate Survivor:

There is no better way to prove a point at the poker table than dressing up as Kaiji, who emerges as the ultimate survivor in the domain of gambling. Dressing up as Kaiji from the anime which goes by the same name, not only speaks a lot about your intent, but might also help you in turning the tables to your favour and quite literally so!

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya:

Here again, if you need to make a strong statement about your gambling capabilities, it is essential that you consider dressing up as the legendary gambler Tetsuya, from the anime of the same name. It is an amazing anime to catch up on, in the weekends, and if serendipity happens to be on your side, you might end up winning quite a lot from the table games.


We have mentioned the three best gambling anime to be ever written and the ways in which you can use them for your cosplay party. Do a little more research if need be and waste no more minute to get the necessary dressing materials for the party.

Card Games to Indulge In During Halloween

What makes a wonderful Halloween? Is it Trick-or-Treat, or is it the process of dressing up as your favourite characters from movies and shows? Halloween, in all honesty, is more than just dressing up and tricking neighbours. Though, there is a lot of fun associated with these events as well, yet the motto of Halloween is more than what meets the eye. Halloween also calls for sitting home with your family, enjoying some snacks and drinks and bonding over games. With this view in mind, we have come up with some amazing card game ideas that you can consider the next time you have plans for a big Halloween night with friends and family.


There is no way that we can talk about card games and not include poker on the list. Thus, we shall begin our discussion with poker, which serves as the el clasico of card games. The rules are not that complex; and even if some rules happen to seem a little complex to you, you can always choose the other simpler rules and get going with the game. Poker is a fun way to bond over with your friends and family in Halloween. But instead of playing for money, make sure that you play for some delicious sweet treats.


Another fantastic card game, rummy steals the spotlight for its inherent simplicity. In this game, all you have to do is draw and discard cards to get a match of cards. The one who’s set of cards matches the most gets to win the best treats lying on the table. You can also add your own variety to the game and notch up the fun quotient a bit if the idea appeals to you.



If you have quite a few children hovering around for Halloween, and desperately need ideas that can get these kids together, here is a card game that you can make use of. Speed is a card game that is designed especially for kids, and that involves no complication at all. The aim of the game is to discard all the cards as soon as possible. The one who gets rid of the cards first gets to win the game.


Cheat or Bluff:

Another benign card game that you can play along with your kids, cheat has been around the corner for a long time now. All you have to do is bluff about what cards you are playing and get rid of the cards before the other does. You must make sure that your bluff is not caught lest you have to draw more cards.



There are several card games that you can indulge in during Halloween. All you have to do is find the simple ones so that the fun is not ruined and enjoy these games with friends and family over some spooky Halloween stories and food.

Rarest and most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

Not every card gets to be so valuable that people are eager to find it. Some cards have their place in the game. They can still be found in the second-hand market, but you have to dig and scan for it and if you are determined, then you can find it, and some of them can be valuable.

Doomcaliber Knight – $700

Doomcaliber is one of the cards that has a fair price. It is from the 2006 Shonen Jump Championship. It was only awarded to the first three winners. You can still find the versions of the card online, but you have to know what you are looking for as the card has been published several times. If you can get your hands on any card that has GLD4-EN02 code, then you should rest assured that it surely is a good catch.

Doomcaliber Knight – $700

Chinese Dark Magician – $1,050

The card dates back to 1999 when only 100 copies were produced. Even though the card has been published in various languages, the Chinese one is what is valuable and you should always keep that in mind. Priced at $1,050, the card came out as conjunction with Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Dark Magician Girl – $1,100

Dark Magician Girl is priced at $1,100. This is a Japanese promo version that was given to tournament winners and participants in 1999.

Shrink – $1,200

You can find this card online and you can get it for a cheaper price but that’s not the actual thing that you have to get. The first edition ones are really valuable and the price can mount up to $1200. It was released in 2006 for Shonen Jump Championships winners. In extreme cases, the price can go up to $7000. You will need extra knowledge to determine whether you have a first-edition or not and once you have it, it can be really valuable.

Gold Sarcophagus – $1,372

Gold Sarcophagus is a valuable card. Only 20 copies of this card were produced from 2005 to 2006. This is what makes it rare. These were awarded to the winners of two Yu-Gi-Oh! Championships. There were also additional copies released. If you want to find the correct version of the card, look for SJC-EN002 code, and get the card that has put this down exclusively.

Des Volstgalph – $1,530

This is one of the rarest cards available in the market as only 20 copies were ever produced in 2005 during the Pharaoh tour. It has G6-01. The code sets it apart from the others. In extreme cases, this card can sell for $2000.

Minerva, The Exalted Lightsworn – $1,900

The card was released in 2015 and is a super rare card. It has quite a high price in the market and can even sell for $2800.


There can be a difference in prices, but if you can get your hands on the limited-edition, that type of cards can be sold for more than the expected price. You will also need to know what exactly you have to find.

Ideas For Dressing Up From Japanese Anime

Dressing for the occasion is always important. Who knows, maybe on occasion you might be meeting your future employer, or you might meet your marriage partner. Once more, I would reiterate that it’s essential. In a game of poker, dressing for the occasion could influence your winnings. Honestly, there is no specific dress code for a game of poker. One is open to wearing any type of dress they want. But if you are one who loves to dress for the occasion, you will never run out of the types of dressings that you desire. If you are thinking of wearing a Japanese outfit here are some of the unparalleled types.

What are Japanese Animes?

Animes are something that maybe you too are probably fond of. They are a Japanese translation for animations. Anime has been in Japanese history for a long time. Like all Hollywood movies, there are different categories. For poker animes, there are lots of them. Here are some of the famous poker Japanese anime.


This is a famous Japanese anime series that is based on the Hyakkaou private academy. In this school, students had to engage seriously in gambling to raise money. It’s an anime series that event gamblers out there should seriously watch. The best thing is that it addresses the issue of illegal gambling in different countries. It should be noted that in most Asian countries such as Japan and China, gambling is illegal. In this series, the main character is Yumeko Jabami.


The main character is Yumeko Jabami. She is the one who enrolls in this school where gamblers who have the most wins become famous and respected. She is involved in revolutionizing gambling in the institution. If you are looking for the dress code that you should use for a poker party, hers is the one that you should use. In most of the gambling scenes, she dresses up in a red cosplay that you can purchase from online retailers at ease.

Gyakkyo Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

This is one of the favorite ones that anyone who looked for a job in the urban centers could not find one. For sure, it relates to most of the people out there. Kaiji is a young man who graduates from college and moves to town to get a job but does not get one. What does he resolve to? Gambling. Does it change his life? Watch the anime to learn more about it.

Gyakkyo Burai Kaiji:

From this Japanese anime, there are different types of clothes that you can use for a poker party. Females can wear dresses such as the Rantaro Amami A-Line Dress Kaiji cards A-line dresses and Kaiji Tonegawa Paper Card A-Line Dress. T-shirts that you can get include kaiji cards slim fit t-shirts.


The ideas that you could need for a dress up for a cosplay party are numerous. We could not pretend that we could give you the dress-ups from Japanese animes. Despite this limitation, we ensured that we had given you the dressings that have been liked by the majority.



How To Mix Cosplay And Poker For A Fun Night 102

For commercial poker plays, less distracting events are encouraged. However, a combination of poker and cosplay, if well planned for, can make up an awesome fun party since the two events share a lot in common. To ensure a good mix between cosplay and poker, the following plan can be appropriate.

Identify A Relevant Theme

The inaugural step in organizing a mixed poker and cosplay night is to identify a universal theme that will attract a large number of people. The theme should carefully be selected to cover both pokers playing and cosplaying. In turn, the selected theme will influence selecting the appropriate dressing code for the party in terms of the costumes and their colors. After selecting the theme and the dressing code, one can now send invitations that are tied to these themes so as to ensure all the attendees are acquitted with the rules and requirements for the party.

Making Appropriate Decorations

One of the essentials for decoration is a stylish welcoming set up which may involve a couple of fake flowers and trees on either side, an entrance that is colored in accordance with the theme. A well-decorated podium where the attendees may be given a chance to demonstrate their cosplays will also be significant. In addition, all the poker accessories should be decorated with colors and other items that describe the selected theme.

Selecting The Game

The most popular poker variants, such as Texas Hold’em or Chinese poker should be selected since nobody would want to attend the party and start learning rules for new games instead of having fun. Besides availing the necessary tools for playing pokers such as the poker table, cards, and chips, other, a few basic rules for the game should be communicated to the attendees like the time of play or what to do before setting up a bet. To ensure everyone haves fun, different play stations for different levels of poker players should be set up since mixing beginners and experienced players might be uncomfortable for the beginners and rather stress them up instead of making them have fun.

Food, Snack, And Beverages

Poker night cannot be complete without food and snacks. Light snacks such as mini-sandwiches and chips well top-dressed with colors that are relevant to the party should be served. Along with the snacks should be a hefty supply of beverages such as cocktails, beer, and other non- alcoholic drinks. Other commutative food rules should be formulated to add more fun and also encourage interactions amongst the attendees. An example of search a rule is the winner of a particular poker game to serve food for the next game. People should be advised to come with some snacks and drinks of specified theme colors to pass around. To avoid disturbance on the poker tables, greasy and fatty foods should be avoided since they stick on the cards, as well as the food serving tables should be located far from the playing table.

Captivating Music

To kill the party, smooth background music such as classy jazz or any music related to the theme will be relevant. In cases of big parties, a relevant band can be invited to make live performances. When such a plan is strictly followed, one can be sure of a fascinating night of both poker and cosplay.

Cosplay Ideas From Anime Based On Gambling 102

Gambling is quite addictive.  It can be a source of income to people, but to some, it could be one of the many ways to lose money. Anybody who what’s to join the realm of gambling should be well cognizant of the fact that they should learn to take losing money as something normal. Gambling, like any other profession, has its own models that have made it from it.

Animes have provided some of the gambling models that we would love to be and appreciate. If you love a poker character, then you will showcase this to the world by wearing their cosplay costumes if you are looking for some of the cosplay ideas from anime based on gambling. We have made you work easier by suggesting some of them to you.


Ryotasuzui is one of the protagonists of the famous Japanese anime known as kakegurui. In this film, he depicts the role of the people who have been involved in gambling and lost money or key assets or were in deep debt. For Ryota, he was in deep debt as a result of losing to Mary in a gambling match.  His confidence was greatly damaged, and he was at a point of even giving up. Reprieve came when one of his classmates helped him with money.  His costume can be found in so many online shops and is a male school uniform for the school.

YumekoJabami cosplay.

YumekoJabami cosplay.

This is another costume that female characters will greatly revel in.YumekoJabami is the main character of the Kakeguri series. She is portrayed as being an honest person that loves a fair game. However, she has some natural abilities to detect a predetermined gambling activity.  She is one of the movie characters that most would love to be in real life. Jabami is one of the gamblers who are not risk-averse, she is fond of taking high risks, and she is very adept at developing gambling strategies. Wearing this costume at a poker table could spike fear into your opponents while making you comfortable to execute your plan. Find this costume at many online shops, including Amazon.

Saki Miyanaga Saki Cosplay Costume Customize Cosplay


If you have watched saki, then you probably know sakiMiyanaga. This female character is the main character of the series. She starts by having a distaste for gambling, but with time as her experience progresses, she becomes a master in the game. Her costume is a school uniform of the Kiyosumi high school, where she studies. She is a first-year student in this school.  Most of her fans like her for the fact that she has a sound ability to read the moves of the game. However, this skill is developed gradually until she masters it.


The cosplay costumes in this article are purely derived from the popular Japanese anime. Not everyone would go for it because the love for different characters in a movie is totally subjective. Others could like antagonist. However, these few cosplays should get you started in selecting the best Japanese anime cosplays.


Cosplay Poker Ideas to Get the Party Started 102

Cosplay is a term that has its origin in Japan. It means wearing a certain outfit to resemble a particular character in a movie.  The term cosplay is the short form of the term costume play. This culture is very popular in Asia and in some of the western. Ideally, cosplay isn’t about only wearing a certain outfit, but it’s an outward expression for the love of a certain character in a movie.  It’s that character that you feel you have passion for and the role that he/she plays in that movie.  If you love poker movies or animes, there is that character that surely did interest you, and you love him/her for that, and you want a cosplay for a poker party or any other party. Here are some of the cosplay ideas that should get you started.


YumekoJabamiCompulsive Gambler Anime Cosplay

YumekoJabami is the main character of the famous Japanese anime series known as kakegurui.  At the beginning of the anime, this character transfers to the school Hyakkaou Private Academy. She looks modest at first, but as time goes by, she becomes well known for her love for high stakes gambling. She has a distaste for predetermined gambling. However, she has the ability to determine a predetermined gambling event. This enables her to develop strategies to counter these events. Her activities for gambling draws the attention of the student’s council.


This cosplay is a red school uniform made of cotton and polyester. It’s suited for occasions such as cosplay parties, drama cosplay, or any other type of party.


MitsuhaMiyamizu is a teen protagonist of the anime Kimi no Na wa. She is aged seventeen. This Philippine movie gained a lot of attention, particularly because of this female character, who is depicted as being straightforward and, at times, looks vulnerable.  These costumes are a school uniform and are characterized by having an Apollo shirt, knee-high socks, and a black skirt. In addition, she always has a red ribbon around her neck.



This is one of the characters that is characterized by having a beautiful sound. Her name in Japanese is interpreted to mean the first voice for the future. However, she is only 16 years old. She is a singing voice synthesizer that has been applied in many songs. She is considered as the first Vocaloid to ever be developed. Crypton future media developed the Vocaloid. Get this cosplay from online shops such as amazon.


Superhero cosplay

This is the general classification of the cosplays that are worn by the superhero in the famous movies. Does Batman really intrigue you? You can have his costumes. You can also have costumes for other famous characters such as Superman, the flash, and Deadpool. All there you will have to get from a reputable online shop or any other store.



The world of cosplays is unlimited. You can get whatever cosplay you desire from one of your novel movie or anime characters. Cosplay helps you get that feeling of being the character that you love on TV. Nothing can stop you from wearing such a costume that will make you look marvelous for that party that you are attending. Remember, the ones listed above are just a sample. There are lots of them that you can get out there.