What makes a wonderful Halloween? Is it Trick-or-Treat, or is it the process of dressing up as your favourite characters from movies and shows? Halloween, in all honesty, is more than just dressing up and tricking neighbours. Though, there is a lot of fun associated with these events as well, yet the motto of Halloween is more than what meets the eye. Halloween also calls for sitting home with your family, enjoying some snacks and drinks and bonding over games. With this view in mind, we have come up with some amazing card game ideas that you can consider the next time you have plans for a big Halloween night with friends and family.


There is no way that we can talk about card games and not include poker on the list. Thus, we shall begin our discussion with poker, which serves as the el clasico of card games. The rules are not that complex; and even if some rules happen to seem a little complex to you, you can always choose the other simpler rules and get going with the game. Poker is a fun way to bond over with your friends and family in Halloween. But instead of playing for money, make sure that you play for some delicious sweet treats.


Another fantastic card game, rummy steals the spotlight for its inherent simplicity. In this game, all you have to do is draw and discard cards to get a match of cards. The one who’s set of cards matches the most gets to win the best treats lying on the table. You can also add your own variety to the game and notch up the fun quotient a bit if the idea appeals to you.



If you have quite a few children hovering around for Halloween, and desperately need ideas that can get these kids together, here is a card game that you can make use of. Speed is a card game that is designed especially for kids, and that involves no complication at all. The aim of the game is to discard all the cards as soon as possible. The one who gets rid of the cards first gets to win the game.


Cheat or Bluff:

Another benign card game that you can play along with your kids, cheat has been around the corner for a long time now. All you have to do is bluff about what cards you are playing and get rid of the cards before the other does. You must make sure that your bluff is not caught lest you have to draw more cards.



There are several card games that you can indulge in during Halloween. All you have to do is find the simple ones so that the fun is not ruined and enjoy these games with friends and family over some spooky Halloween stories and food.

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