Before the invention of the internet, card games were much popular. They no doubt are interactive but for some time internet had our attention diverted. People who are into card games will always find Anime interesting. There are many recommendations that you can watch on card games, but some just steal the space.

Duel Masters

The story revolves around Shobu Kirifuda. He is good at playing a game called Duel Masters, but not as good as his father. He admires his father and wants to become like him. For this to happen, he has to win a tournament. The Anime is regular Anime where the protagonist wants to become better. It is a nice watch, but it only caters to the young population as the old may not like it. There can be a secluded case, but overall the elderly people may not find it appealing.

Duel Masters

Z/X: Ignition

The portals open the doorway from the external world to this. The five Black Points facilitate the emergence of strange creatures from the outside world. They come from 5 parallel worlds. The unique storylines make it an interesting Anime. There has been a well thought out mind behind this that has come up with such a brilliant story. They come from a world that is a different time frame of the same world. The battle is to make sure that each of their future timelines survives, by destroying the other.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

The Anime is a must watch and if you are a fan of cards, you will find it interesting. The story surrounds Danam and Shun. After a card fell out of the sky, they grab it and create a game called Bakugan. They later form a group called Bakugan Battle brawlers. However, the real trouble starts when they are sucked in another dimension called Vestrois. Now the battle is to protect Bakugan. Even though the Series has been compared with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, there are so many things that are unique to it and you won’t be able to decide if you didn’t watch.

Fantasista Doll

Uzume is a high-school girl who has suddenly acquired a strange device that uses special cards to summon Fantasista Dolls. The dolls are intelligent, and virtual creatures who are now being controlled by Uzuem. She is the former champion of a card game tournament.

Weiß Survive

The series is about two high-school friends, Takeshi and Michi. While playing with cards, both of them end up sucked in a mysterious portal that takes them to another dimension called Weiss Schwarz Battle Space


Starlight Academy trains girls to become idols in the entertainment industry. Aoi Kiriya enrolls in the academy, and for the audition, they require Aikatsu Card that will give them access to the makeup and dresses that entertainment idols wear.


A little research on the internet will introduce you to many such titles that you wouldn’t be able to decide. There are surely many such titles that deserve to be watched, and carefully beautifully integrate them both.

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