When it comes to the comic world, what’re the things that come to mind first? Marvel or DC? But some entities are much known for their animation and creative prowess for a long time and one of that is the comic culture and industry of Japan. Japan has a unique reputation in this field. The country’s manga and Anime series have gained a reputation in the comic industry, and with its integration in Poker, it has served to a different crowd also. Poker is one of the most popular games, and with its integration in the Anime, the comic as well as gambling fans can enjoy the production.


Japan has had a unique history with card games. They are not new in the country and have been part of Japan’s cultural space for a very long time. However, there have been reasons where it didn’t grow as compared to the western countries but as for now, the game is one of the popular in the country. Anime is the Japanese equivalent of animation and with its rise not inside the country but also across the world, it will help promote the poker, as well as Anime among the gambling crowd.

Manga and Anime

Poker in Manga and Anime

The first question is what is Anime? You can say it is the Japanese form of the comic, but with a cultural twist whereas Manga is a popular format to express stories. Ever since its introduction, it has been loved by the audience irrespective of their cultural differences. There have been various serious developments and one of that is the integration of Poker in the Anime, which is beneficial in promoting the game to a larger audience. The story about Yumeko in Kakeguru is one such Anime Series that caters to the gambling as well as Anime crowd. The protagonist studies in a private academy which keeps the students based on their winnings. It is one of the popular and also ended up having its TV series also.

What is Anime:

Anime is full of characters based around Poker. The theme has been used quite often in the recent past. One-piece-Luffy is one such deck that you can have. With 52 cards and two jokers in the deck, the cards display well-printed images with each having its image. The deck is a fine example of Poker integration in Anime.


Akiba Guild:

This is the best place you can find in Tokyo. It is not exactly a place, but a Poker-zone based out of Tokyo. The zone integrates Anime and Poker in a very creative and innovative way. The dealers are well-dressed females who interact with customers. They are clad in Anime costumes for a realistic feel.


Poker has had its life in the country, but its integration in Anime is revolutionizing it. It has helped both Anime and Poker. The unique integration has assisted in shifting the local perception about the game and made it more interesting. Anime has not sculpted a place for itself not just in Japan, but also around the world.

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