Cosplay is a term that has its origin in Japan. It means wearing a certain outfit to resemble a particular character in a movie.  The term cosplay is the short form of the term costume play. This culture is very popular in Asia and in some of the western. Ideally, cosplay isn’t about only wearing a certain outfit, but it’s an outward expression for the love of a certain character in a movie.  It’s that character that you feel you have passion for and the role that he/she plays in that movie.  If you love poker movies or animes, there is that character that surely did interest you, and you love him/her for that, and you want a cosplay for a poker party or any other party. Here are some of the cosplay ideas that should get you started.


YumekoJabamiCompulsive Gambler Anime Cosplay

YumekoJabami is the main character of the famous Japanese anime series known as kakegurui.  At the beginning of the anime, this character transfers to the school Hyakkaou Private Academy. She looks modest at first, but as time goes by, she becomes well known for her love for high stakes gambling. She has a distaste for predetermined gambling. However, she has the ability to determine a predetermined gambling event. This enables her to develop strategies to counter these events. Her activities for gambling draws the attention of the student’s council.


This cosplay is a red school uniform made of cotton and polyester. It’s suited for occasions such as cosplay parties, drama cosplay, or any other type of party.


MitsuhaMiyamizu is a teen protagonist of the anime Kimi no Na wa. She is aged seventeen. This Philippine movie gained a lot of attention, particularly because of this female character, who is depicted as being straightforward and, at times, looks vulnerable.  These costumes are a school uniform and are characterized by having an Apollo shirt, knee-high socks, and a black skirt. In addition, she always has a red ribbon around her neck.



This is one of the characters that is characterized by having a beautiful sound. Her name in Japanese is interpreted to mean the first voice for the future. However, she is only 16 years old. She is a singing voice synthesizer that has been applied in many songs. She is considered as the first Vocaloid to ever be developed. Crypton future media developed the Vocaloid. Get this cosplay from online shops such as amazon.


Superhero cosplay

This is the general classification of the cosplays that are worn by the superhero in the famous movies. Does Batman really intrigue you? You can have his costumes. You can also have costumes for other famous characters such as Superman, the flash, and Deadpool. All there you will have to get from a reputable online shop or any other store.



The world of cosplays is unlimited. You can get whatever cosplay you desire from one of your novel movie or anime characters. Cosplay helps you get that feeling of being the character that you love on TV. Nothing can stop you from wearing such a costume that will make you look marvelous for that party that you are attending. Remember, the ones listed above are just a sample. There are lots of them that you can get out there.


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