The 5 Best Anime based on Trading Card games

Anime has many genres. It has been one of the successful platforms that have inspired many things such as Pokémon. Anime was initially targeted at children but soon the animation grew out of its mould and started attracted a new crowd. The series is made for the adult group where various themes are beautifully integrated […]

How to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading card game, a beginner’s guide

Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards are not the things of the past, but with time they have gotten more popular. You might remember them from 2000, but with the easy availability of the cards, you can now find more people to play it with. Before starting in anything, it is better to know the basics of the […]

How to Dress Up Like Your Favourite Characters for a Fun Halloween Cosplay

We always wish to dress up like our fictional characters and cosplay is one of the best places to dress up. There are many fictional cartoons, episodes and movies which can allow you to make the most out of the event. These fictional characters, although they do not exist in real life, we will make […]