Card games are one such that is useful in turning any boring moment in an interactive one and when it comes to Anime cards, they have their reputation. Over the years, Anime has grown not just in Japan, but all over the world, and card games are just adding to its popularity. Compared to 2002, Anime cards have had a journey when it comes to finding players to play with, there is a lot in today’s world. One of the credits to the rise of popularity goes to the internet that has played a unique role in the promotion.


There is a certain order of the game that needs to be followed. The decks are to be shuffled, and then the player draws a hand of five cards. The initial of the game is followed by the different phases of the game. They are part of the game. These include – Draw phase, the Standby phase, and the main phase. The main phase is the part where you don your all non-combat operations like special summons, spells, and traps.

Anime Yu-Gi-Oh cards


The battle part is important in any form of the game and when it comes to Anime, it is the heart of it. This phase involves the action where every monster gets to attack, but you have to make sure that you are comparing your ATK value with your opponent. Furthermore, there is also the Main phase where you prepare for the opponent. In the end, there is the end phase where some of the effects are activated.

How do you attack:

When mounting an attack, you have to make sure that you are weighing your options properly. You can destroy a weak monster, but of the strength equals yours, no damage will happen. If you attack a weak monster in the defensive position, you can destroy it but if you do that to a monster of equal strength, nothing will happen. You can also attack a monster in a weak position, and cause damage to it.

How many cards are in a deck?

There are ways of building decks in different games, however, the general rule implies to all. The main deck is of 40-60 cards which are followed by 0-15 monsters. This is different for tournaments where you get to bring a separate deck of 15 cards. You will have to make sure that you know about the very important card types, and once you figure out and know the general rules, you can work on building the strong deck. There are two ways to build a deck and that is either to build it from scratch or have a pre-built deck. A little research and understanding about the cards are all it takes about it.

Yu-Gi-Oh cards


Building a deck is not rocket science, it is fun and the most entertaining part. Building it from scratch can look a little hard, but that is the best way to do it or you can go for a pre-built deck. Both will suffice.

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