How to Dress Up Like Your Favourite Characters for a Fun Halloween Cosplay

We always wish to dress up like our fictional characters and cosplay is one of the best places to dress up. There are many fictional cartoons, episodes and movies which can allow you to make the most out of the event. These fictional characters, although they do not exist in real life, we will make […]

The Best Gambling Ideas for a Halloween Cosplay Party

Halloween cosplay party is one time of the year which will allow you to declare your gaming passions. There are a lot of opportunities your way which will allow you to throw a Halloween themed gambling party. In this article, we will be learning some inspirations for your next Halloween cosplay party. Decorating your space […]

How to Mix Cosplay and Poker for a Fun Night 101

There is no shortage of fun ideas that you can throw in your normal poker gathering to enhance the quality of time spent with friends and family. The classic card game of poker itself has several variations. Add cosplay to that, the fun quotient only goes up quite a few notches. While there are several […]

Cosplay Ideas from Anime Based on Gambling 101

The word anime has a universal appeal to itself. The Japanese might have come up with the concept and transformed it into a form of art. But, it is not restricted within the confines of Japan anymore. Anime is an extremely popular form of Japanese art that has been developed into graphic novels, animated series […]