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// December 28, 2010

Cosplay Gen: How did you make the Master Chief suit?
Zam: The process is actually simple. The base layers are made from a thick 250gsm matte card. Here, the details and main structure come to life. After that, all the finished paper structure is covered with fiberglass resin to make it rigid. Matte Card absorbs it and becomes rigid from inside out. Fiberglass mat was used in the inside to avoid the details on the outside getting covered. The fiberglass just makes the paper structure more rigid so it can withstand some sort of damage when wearing it.

Next step would be poly putty. Poly putty is the same stuff most paint shops use to make the surface of the car smoother. Usually they use the brand Bondo outside Malaysia. This step is to make sure the outside surface is smooth and aligned with the rest… next would be prime and paint … Wirings are really simple. The resistor value used depends on the amount of the LED used, battery voltage input, and how it was wired. Most of the stuff on how to make it I learnt from 405th.com. It’s the biggest Halo related community on building your own armor.

Malaysians can go to 901st.com. I was its founder, and I would love to help anyone who wants to make their own stuff. The reason for which I made that community forum is because most of the stuff or material used by the 405th isn’t really easily available here in Malaysia. So we would need to find a replacement for them. Since I’ve done it, I can help guide them on making their own stuff. Pictures of the process are also available on my blog @ zamsjournal.com. Just use the tag HALO, Cosplay, DIY.

Zam / Gixxer85
Years of Cosplay: less than a year
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Master Chief suit Cosplay

Cosplay Gen: What kind of mobility did you have in such a suit? Were you able to move freely?
Zam: Mobility can be tough. I can’t run or jump. I can walk up and down the stairs and sit down at the edges. I can’t bend down, knee down or even turn my head more than 25degree to each side. Since I’m an Asian, I have rather short neck. My head movement is limited. The armor also is quite heavy, so I do have a limit on how long I can be in it, depending on the weather.

Cosplay Gen: Do you have any other hobbies besides cosplay? Do they help or inspire you in any way in cosplay?
Zam: My favorite hobbies would be as a car and bike enthusiast, Do It Yourself (DIY), and Electronics. Since I love DIY, I have experience in fiberglass, which I use to make the armor. Electronics does help as well, such as the lightings on the suit and air circulation/ventilation inside the helm. In the future, I would love to try putting an actual computer inside a compack like those ODST in Halo and make it functional.

Photo Credits:

Sherman Anion (TIME Studios)


  1. Gixxer! my Admire cosplayer of Halo =w=

  2. Odrey says:

    AMAZING! That is so incredible ! I love !!!

  3. audioserv says:

    Before using poly putty for external surfaces, do u need resin to harden it? What type of resin u recommend for this process? I’m now in the progress of making my own Mark VI armor and I’m targeting for next 2012 Kuching Cosplay sometime in June-July. 😀

    • Zam says:

      ofcoz .. the putty will be too heavy .. you also need to put fiberglass mat from the INSIDE not outside .. any normal fiberglass resin would be enough .

      Good to know there will be a fellow Spartan in Kuching as well ! Good luck bro .. u can ask Hangmen13 as well .. 🙂

  4. hey Zam, how do I reach you man? The gmail account you gave me isn’t working…

  5. Izzati Zaiton says:

    That is indeed an awesome cosplay!!! <3

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