We hope you didn’t think that the Worldwide Fans column was over now that we launched the Community’s Choice column. Following its success in Cosplay Gen #03, we’re launching the call for submissions for the Worldwide Fans column in Cosplay Gen #04.

It’s pretty much the same as it was for the last issue, all those who want to participate, please submit a photo in our “Cosplay Gen 04 submissions” folder on the Cosplay Gen deviantART group. Worldwide Fans is open to both cosplayers and photographers.

Each participant must submit only one photo, with herself/himself (no group shots) in a cosplay costume and with preferably at least 70% of the costume visibile. In some cases, those who submit watermarked photos and are selected for publishing will be contacted by us for a non-watermarked photo. Also, in case you were wondering, all photos will be credited in the magazine.

The call for submissions is opened between July 16, and August 16. Not all the submissions will be published; a selection will be made by our team of editors. The list of selected submissions will be also made available on the group.

Note: You can submit your photo for both the Worldwide Fans column and the Community’s Choice column.


  1. I have a question. What is the amount of post-production allowed for submitting photos to your gallery or group for Worldwide Fans/Community’s Choice column? I tried looking for information regarding this on the website, but it is so vague and not very informative.

    I got several photos I’d to add, but I need some more info before submitting.

  2. Hi, you sent me an email asking for my photos and i responded sending you a short review but… i waiting the reply yet…

  3. Hyetaya says:

    Wait..so..I already submit my photo onto the Cosplay gen 04 folder, do I have to submit another one or the same one to Worldwide fans column/ Community’s choice column too?

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