1. First you have to cut the craft foam in the desired shape. It’s best to make a paper pattern first, to test for size on your wig before cutting into your foam. Leave extra room at the bottom for the hair comb.

The foam is the base you’ll work on, and will help you keep the extensions in the desired shape. The foam should be the same colour as your extensions in case it peaks through the hair.

For larger shapes that require a lot of hair to fully cover the foam, floral wire may be needed to help support the foam.

2. Shape the foam by applying heat, fold into shape and hold until it’s cool. (Skip this step if you’re working with a 2D shape for your base, for example a circle. This tutorial will show you a fan shape that has space between the two sides)

3. Working in layers, start to glue your extensions to the base of your foam. Continue adding layers of extensions until there is enough hair to cover the foam, front and back.
4. Drape and fold the extensions over to the back. Working at the top front, spread out the hairs to cover the foam while keeping the hair smooth. You will need to apply glue at the sides and corners to keep the hair from sliding off the foam – only a thin layer of glue is necessary. When the hair is glued down at the sides and top, front and back, glue the ends at the bottom back, working in layers again and keeping the hair smooth over the foam.

5. Trim left over extension length.
6. Glue the hair comb to the bottom of the foam, trying to keep it on the inside of the shape. If you’re working with a 2D shape, glue it on top of the wefts.
7. To attach to your wig, work with either a stub or a bun to place the comb into. Hand-sewing the comb to the wefts of your wig is also an option if the shape can be supported without it falling backwards; top heavy shapes may not work for example. The weft extensions on your shape should be against the wig to help hide them.
Photo by Kevin Chang


  1. TsukiLion says:

    This tutorial is awsome! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  2. Keristrasza says:

    Great tutorial!! thanks a lot!! 🙂

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