What It Takes to Be a Lolita4

// March 25, 2010

Taking inspiration from the colorful streets of Japanese cities, I hope this column will be of help in presenting some of the ways young people from that country, physically so remote but so close to our interests and affections, choose to express their stories, telling and re-telling, discovering and re-inventing themselves, through the things they wear. (by Măriuca Mihalache)

Dina Dayupay, from London, England. Photo by Ravenblakh

Helen Clara, from Michigan, USA. Photo by Helen Clara


  1. Lauri says:

    i don’t want to be mean but these girls are wearing expensive brand lolita clothes
    and as a answer for the title what it takes to be a lolita that would be: money!
    you can be lolita with less money but with a bit of effort, modifying the clothes you find in every stores from a mall, adding a petit coat under a skirt and you can be a loli without too many money spent!
    but of course, which lolita wouldn’t love to have at least a skirt from angelic pretty or methamorphose temps the fille?

  2. Spankehz says:

    I agree with Lauri. Stores like Angelic Pretty are very expensive. Lolis can save more money by sewing their own clothing, or even altering things that are found in a thrift store :3

  3. Liantasse says:

    Lauri and Spankehz, you are right when you say “what it takes to be a lolita is money”. At least, at a first glance! πŸ™‚

    As Spankehz says, though, one can definitely be a lolita without breaking the bank! ^__^

    I am the author of that article, and my purpose in writing it is to give a clear, simple description of the Lolita fashion and a Lolita outfit, just so that people can see one doesn’t need to buy “pre-cooked” in order to get the look.

    What is most important, in my opinion, is to understand the concept and the aesthetics of Lolita, and then apply one’s creativity and ingenuity! πŸ™‚

    My own efforts at wearing Lolita so far have never included brand clothing, and I don’t envisage that for the future either.

    Not to put down any brand, or the people who buy and wear brand clothing, but I am not a big fan of getting my outift “out of a tin” so to speak! ^__^ I much prefer mixing, matching and crafting, and using my skills and imagination to create a unique Lolita look that would perfectly suit me and my personality.

    I hope that by reading the article, people will see that that’s perfectly possible, and will be inspired and encouraged to do just that! πŸ˜€

  4. tuft says:

    It takes determination, not money. With enough passion and willpower one can with or without a generous budget “be” a lolita. Besides it isn’t just about the clothes, it’s about how you wear it, if you only take it “straight out of the can”, like liantasse expressed it, you’re only wearing it, not wearing it.

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