volume 102

// October 15, 2012

We very much appreciate and welcome the “harvest” of new submissions. Presenting volume’s 10 first-rate cospaly deviations! You can visit or become a member of Cosplay GEN deviantArt group. By the way, your best cospalys will be promoted by us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

FF Dissidia: OnionKnight by big-pao

Ignis Clover by kurorochan

Borderlands by Vera-Chimera

Purple Witch by Squalo-Superbia

Leeloo Dallas Multipass by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai

Merlin BBC – Morgana by Wan-Mei

Garo by kurorochan

Loki by shiroang

Hetalia: dance by Amapolchen

Poison Ivy’s Return by Annestern

Magi – ZAGAN Team by jaclavena

Kamen Rider 000: Shauta by z3LLLL

Hellsing Victoria Seras by Hasadosh

Dancing by Veliya

Trinity Blood by Pugoffka-sama

+Princess Peach Pin Up+ by MolecularAgatha

Shall 2 by KinslayeR13

CATHERINE-C01 by ou-oneone

Adekan – Venomed Flower by Remus1612

Final Fantasy Type Zero by fritzfusion

Pokemon – Aeroblast by aco-rea

Magician for Hire by kwissykat

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  1. I really like how sir jhe kurorochan takes a photo =”)

  2. I idolized all the great photographers…
    I hope i will be like one of you guys 🙂

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