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// September 22, 2013

In order to deliver Cosplay GEN #06 in the best possible conditions to our readers from around the world, we upgraded the shipping & delivery of this issue with an ultra protect-able & collectable cardboard box. Below are a few steps of the making of our special delivery.

Illustration creation process

We asked for help from our friend & permanent contributor manga-ka artist Cristian Darstar aka Lord Akira, to illustrate by brush a photo of Reika-san.

The original photo

Reika Arikawa as Jean Kirchtein from Shingeki no Kyojin // Photo by ODA

Illustration steps

The box design

We also collaborated with the Cult Cat team to create the box design, the silk screening, the ribbon and the finishing touches.

The silk screen process

Punching & the finishing touches

how to open the box

Next week we’ll show you what’s inside the box. So, stay very close! Also, we’ll be looking forward to see your unboxing video & photos feedback.


  1. Marzie says:

    Awww~, it’s fantastic!
    Can’t wait for my copy *-*

  2. G&J says:

    We can’t wait ~~~
    It looks stunning *w*

  3. Chibi says:

    It’s so cool! I can’t wait for mine now!

  4. Sayuuki says:

    …Is that the Reika poster I see in the background?
    Mah if it is im sorta dissapointed cuz I like much more other charas she cosplayed than SnK stuff.
    Anyways it seems you guys have done a great job with #6, as always, so I hope this lil beautiful thing’s gonna have great sales.
    Any chance of bringing back old numbers, for the sake of collectors? Most likely no, but I tried asking.

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