Dressing for the occasion is always important. Who knows, maybe on occasion you might be meeting your future employer, or you might meet your marriage partner. Once more, I would reiterate that it’s essential. In a game of poker, dressing for the occasion could influence your winnings. Honestly, there is no specific dress code for a game of poker. One is open to wearing any type of dress they want. But if you are one who loves to dress for the occasion, you will never run out of the types of dressings that you desire. If you are thinking of wearing a Japanese outfit here are some of the unparalleled types.

What are Japanese Animes?

Animes are something that maybe you too are probably fond of. They are a Japanese translation for animations. Anime has been in Japanese history for a long time. Like all Hollywood movies, there are different categories. For poker animes, there are lots of them. Here are some of the famous poker Japanese anime.


This is a famous Japanese anime series that is based on the Hyakkaou private academy. In this school, students had to engage seriously in gambling to raise money. It’s an anime series that event gamblers out there should seriously watch. The best thing is that it addresses the issue of illegal gambling in different countries. It should be noted that in most Asian countries such as Japan and China, gambling is illegal. In this series, the main character is Yumeko Jabami.


The main character is Yumeko Jabami. She is the one who enrolls in this school where gamblers who have the most wins become famous and respected. She is involved in revolutionizing gambling in the institution. If you are looking for the dress code that you should use for a poker party, hers is the one that you should use. In most of the gambling scenes, she dresses up in a red cosplay that you can purchase from online retailers at ease.

Gyakkyo Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

This is one of the favorite ones that anyone who looked for a job in the urban centers could not find one. For sure, it relates to most of the people out there. Kaiji is a young man who graduates from college and moves to town to get a job but does not get one. What does he resolve to? Gambling. Does it change his life? Watch the anime to learn more about it.

Gyakkyo Burai Kaiji:

From this Japanese anime, there are different types of clothes that you can use for a poker party. Females can wear dresses such as the Rantaro Amami A-Line Dress Kaiji cards A-line dresses and Kaiji Tonegawa Paper Card A-Line Dress. T-shirts that you can get include kaiji cards slim fit t-shirts.


The ideas that you could need for a dress up for a cosplay party are numerous. We could not pretend that we could give you the dress-ups from Japanese animes. Despite this limitation, we ensured that we had given you the dressings that have been liked by the majority.



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