Hey there! It’s been a while since we’ve done this, but we’re back to present you the 7th issue of Cosplay GEN! As always, we can’t stress enough how much we’d like to thank you, our followers, friends and contributors, as, without you, none of this wouldn’t have been possible! So what do we have in store for you this issue? Well, imagine this: you’ve bought the magazine and it arrives to you in its normal envelope. You open it and find it in our custom packaging, which of course will also give you an idea of what copy, from our limited run of 1000 copies, do you currently have in your hands. Batman returns from Russia, with love, like James Bond, and brings us Rei Doll, our deadly feline cover story!




Rei Doll (RU)


The action doesn’t stop in Russia, as the next pages greet you with Angela Bermudez from Costa Rica followed by Kasane from Japan. We then stop in Ukraine to take some lessons in how to prepare for a photoshoot and also how to pose, from Pugoffka-sama.


Angela Bermúdez (CR)


Kasane (JP)

Photoshoot and Posing
in Cosplay Photography


Yuurisans (US)


The lessons don’t really stop here, as we also go behind an actual photoshoot with two Russians, Vitaly Sparoff and Slava Grebenkin, one cosplayer and the other one a photographer. What do you know, throughout our adventures we also meet the Yuurisans sisters from America, but we come back to Ukraine to meet up with Kirana.

a photoshoot


Kirana (UA)

Most Promising
Danish Cosplayer

The Dancing Sword:
Kenshin and His Avatars


In our real life endeavours this year we also went to J-popcon 2014, which of course we wrote about in the magazine! And of course, there is where we’ve met one of the most promising Danish cosplayers, Mirazie, which we of course had to have in this issue as well.


Tasha (KR)


Yuri Narss (CA)


Ruri Hoshino: Twin Tails


Shappi (PL)


Coming back to the lands of nicely smelling print, Ruxandra slashed her way through the samurai era and wrote The Dancing Sword: Kenshin and His Avatars, an article detailing how simple yet complicated it is to do a Kenshin cosplay. With that said, let’s focus on some complex costumes as well, as we go from Korea with Tasha’s Infested Kerrigan cosplay all the way back to Europe, where in Poland we’re taking a look at Shappi’s Brunhilde cosplay, and we’re ending the showcase caravan in France, with Shoko and Jerome’s Monster Hunter cosplays.


Astarohime (RU)


J-Popcon 2014


Shoko and Jérôme (FR)


Zimiel (AU)


Now stop! It’s time to get your hands dirty with a twin tails wig tutorial by Lumis Mirage from Germany, as well as with Saber’s Excalibur tutorial by Hard Work & Guts. By this time we hope you’re not too tired, ’cause we’re visiting Russia for one more time where our amazing friend Astarohime takes the spotlight. Our last stop is Zimiel from Australia who was kind enough to kangaroo kick us back to Romania, our final stop and safe haven, out of which we bring you a review from our other project, Otaku Festival 2014!


Excalibur Prop


Otaku Festival 2014


But wait, this is not all! Because the Cosplay GEN box has yet some extra surprises! The bonus for this issue is a selection of some of the best Russian cosplayers and photographers, gathered in the Russian Cosplay Photography Exhibition brochure. And make sure you don’t lose that little card you’ll find in the magazine, because that will allow you to take part in our brand new project, Cosplay GEN Awards! More details about it will be available very soon, so stay focused!

Was it a wild ride? It was for us, as with any other issue, but thanks to you, our endeavors continue! It’s a limited run, so make sure you grab it before you regret not having it! Thanks again for making it all possible. See you, cosplay cowboys!




Many thanks to our readers, contributors & partners!

FRONT COVER: Rei Doll as Catwoman (Batman Returns), Photo by Kifir COSPLAYERS: Angela Bermúdez (CR), Kasane (JP), Yuurisans (US), Vitaly Sparoff (RU), Kirana (UA), Mirazie (DK), Tasha (KR), Yuri Narss (CA), Lumis.Mirage (DE), Shappi (PL), Astarohime (RU), Shoko and Jérôme (FR), zimiel (AU) PHOTOGRAPHERS: Bela Benedek (RO), Kristian Rocha (CR), Calendario Cosplay (CR), Gabriel Jiménez (CR), Andrés Herrera (CR), Ernesto Valverde (CR), Kirito (JP), Harutaka Higuchi (JP), Kei Kitamura (JP), Renka (JP), Zan (JP), Pugoffka-sama (UA), Bentpic5 (US), Dyire (US), EminenceRain (US), little sister (US), Anna Fischer (US), John Jiao Photography (US), ckdecember (US), GQBravo (US), Slava Grebenkin (RU), Eva (UA), Panzer-bjorn (UA), Kira Winter (UA/CN), Misaki Sai (UA), Mrakor (UA), Greed (UA), Kifir (RU), PredatoR (RU), Michael la Cour (DK), Silas Kappel Staal (DK), Hopy (DK), Sascha Nielsen aka Zarsu (DK), J-popcon PR (DK), Chori (KR), 醉 (TW), Sinme (KR), Najwa Bouhnir (CA), Belziir (CA), One Photographie (CA), EleventhPhotograph (CA), Octowana (DE), N8e (BE), JustMoolti (RU), Marina Look (RU), Oksana Mokrushina (RU), Ping Timeout (RU), Anton Timofeev (RU), Niew Photography (SE), Omaru (FR), renka (AU), Shuichi (AU), J (AU), Christie Lee (AU), Natalin’s Studio (RO), Andrei Marginean (RO) EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Ruxandra Târcă DTP: Cyril Rictus PROOFREADERS: Oana Cristina Butta, Monica Târcă ILLUSTRATIONS: Cristian Dîrstar (, Think.Nu Team (, Ïve Bastrash ( TRANSLATORS: Oana Cristina Butta (Japanese), Yuka Fukuura (Japanese), Cătălina Stanciu (Korean), Roxana aka Sasame Yuki (Japanese), Julia Myuri (Chinese) CONTRIBUTORS: Pugoffka-sama, Lumis.Mirage, Hard Work & Guts, Cristian Botea, Paula Vicol, Yuka Fukuura, Alina Ghervase, Angelo Waclaw, Mihai Marcu, Ştefan Tiron PARTNERS: Romanian-American University, Romanian-Japanese Studies Center, Crypton Future Media, Cult Cat, Rockabilly Romania, AFA Channel, Hyper Japan, Cosplayer E-zine, Cosplay Mania, Japan Expo, EuroCosplay, J-Popcon, Animecon, Science Fiction Bokhandeln INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS MANAGER: Alexandru Mihai Gheorghe FOUNDER & PUBLISHER: Bogdan Gorgăneanu (Otaku Entertainment)



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