In a hurry to complete a complicated looking prop? Only have less than a week until an event and haven’t started? Here is a quick tutorial on making an emergency prop!
The key to quick and accurate prop is to take every step calmly and divide the workload. The exmaple this time will be Syaoran’s Night Staff from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.

Prop: Syaoran’s Night Staff from the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Artbook.
Material: 3mm MDF craft wood, 4 PVC pipes, wooden pole, DAS modeling clay, rubber or foam sheets.

Day 1

01. Sketch the outline of the staff head onto the MDF wood with a pencil.


02. Draw a clear outline once you are happy with the shape.


03. Draw in the markings alongside the circular staff head. Prepare the router.


04. Safety First. Wear a protective face mask, coat, goggles, and ear muffs.


05. Set the router to a shallow depth and draw the grooves. (If you don’t own a router, then a craft chisel will work.)


06. Once all grooves have been carved, the head can be cut out of the wood.


Day 2

07. Attach one pipe onto the head with hot glue.


08. Cut out small strips of rubber or foam sheets for detailing the pole.


09. Heat the strips up with a heat gun or by placing them in a stove. Attach them to the pole once they are hot, but be careful. Wearing a pair of gloves when doing step 9 will keep your hands from being burned.


10. Cut out 3 pieces of the wooden pole and stuff them into one end of each PVC pipe. Join all the pieces of pipe together to get a long pole.


11. Shape a noodle of DAS clay into a ring and place it on top of the staff.


12. Paint the entire prop in black.


Day 3

13. Spray over the entire prop lightly with gold enamel spray paint.


14. Finish the staff by painting sections of it with metallic black and silver paint.

-Take time sketching the outline.
-Carving the details instead of just drawing them on really makes a difference
-A black undercoating is a quick way to give the finished gold colour an extra level of realism
-This doesn’t have to be done in 3 days. This schedule is useful if your prop is in urgent or impulsive need.
-Always wear protective gear. MDF has very irritating saw dust.
Tutorial and tutorial photos by William Wong aka AmenoKitarou

Syaoran Cosplay (Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE)

William Wong aka AmenoKitarou as Syaoran (Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE)
Photo by Fiathriel


  1. June says:

    maybe I will try this way

  2. Actionpnc says:

    Thank you for a simple yet pratical approach to this diy THAT REALLY WORKS!

  3. jac says:

    amazing. so cool!!

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