Cosplay Gen: What can you tell us about your original version of Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland? How did you come up with it?
Ryoko: I wanted for a long time to cosplay Cheshire Cat. Together with my cosplay team, R&R, I decided to make a small performance in verses, based on Alice in Wonderland. The performance was called “Alice from Wonderland”. It’s a new interpretation of an old story. I was inspired by Disney’s cat colors, but as our performance was rather gloomy, I wanted to make a scary, and, at the same time, charming character. Some people say that my cat reminds them of the musical “Cats” in style, but when I designed this costume I did not think of this musical. I guess everything is because of the wig, but it’s just pure accident. You can read about our performance in a journal entry made by Rei (she was the Queen of Hearts).
Lum Invader (Urusei Yatsura) by Kifir
Lum Invader (Urusei Yatsura) by Kifir
Jessie (Pokémon) by Kifir
Jessie (Pokémon) by Kifir
Cosplay Gen: How did you make the wig for your Jessie from Pokemon cosplay and what sort of difficulties did you meet along the way?
Ryoko: Lots of people asked me about Jessie’s wig, that’s why I decided to make a detailed tutorial. You can see it on my deviantART journal. The most difficult was to build a basic frame, and to make the wig stay still on my head. I was afraid I’d fail, but at last it came out not that bad. Before I started to make Jessie’s wig, I’ve been practicing for a month or so styling wigs for my friends who took part in the Pokemon project with me.
Mozenrath (Aladdin) by Kifir
Mozenrath (Aladdin) by Kifir
Medusa (Pet Shop of Horrors) by Kifir
Suigintou (Rozen Maiden) by Kifir
Cosplay Gen: Can you share with us some of your future cosplay plans?
Ryoko: My plans and ideas are always kind of surprise for the audience. I can only say that I’m going to turn my interest again to Disney’s characters, especially Ariel. And there’s going to be other projects also, just as interesting. I promise to rise to their hopes!
Crysta (FernGully: The Last Rainforest) by Kifir
Gypsy (Ragnarok Online, original version) by Kifir
Gypsy (Ragnarok Online, original version) by Kifir



  1. Otakitty says:

    Oh Ryoko~ I think she’s the ultimate inspiration to all cosplayers.

  2. Ryoko… I can say 1 of the Best Jessie,Cheshire Cat cosplaying I saw ever…
    Nice shot also for “” Lum Invader (Urusei Yatsura) by Kifir””

  3. Arise chen says:

    I like Ryoko so much.Her beautiful costumes are the epitome of quality and accuracy in cosplay

  4. kicka says:

    wonderfull!! *_*

  5. marco antonio g says:

    i´m from mexico city and i never seen anything like that is beautifull a great job make it form the bottom of the heart my favorite is crysta

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