Laura Salviani / Nikita
Years of Cosplay: 7 years
Paris (France)
Nikita from France is thrilled by the possibilities and multiple challenges offered by participating in conventions and cosplays. Traveling may mean going to World Summits, but also choosing what team of friends to join – be it Princess Starla, Pokemon or My Little Pony! From Evangelion’s Asuka flashy full body plugsuit to Snow White, Nikita is never exhausting the endless potential of embodying fabled characters. It is not only about wearing it. It is also about learning to be charismatic and outspoken under a new guise.
Nikita as Rouleau Japonais (Sakizos Artbook)
Photo by Nakana
Nikita as Asuka (Evangelion)
Photo by Florian Fromentin
Nikita as Babydoll (Sucker Punch)
Photo by Omaru
Cosplay Gen: What sort of positive changes did cosplay as a hobby bring into your life?
Nikita: I met so many of my best friends thank to cosplay! That is the most beautiful gift I could hope for! The other main positive change is that I began trusting myself. I was so shy before I started cosplay. Of course, cosplay also brought me lots of new adventures like World Cosplay Summit in 2008 and 2010, Shanghai World Expo 2010, and many other travels. I am very lucky: cosplay brings me new challenges, adventures, friends and travels!
Nikita as Talim (SoulCalibur)
Photo by Andy Julia
Nikita as Snow White (Original Design)
Photo by Nakana
Nikita as Serah Farron (Final Fantasy XIII)
Photo by Omaru
Cosplay Gen: What sort of criteria do you have when you choose the next character to cosplay?
Nikita: I’ve got a lot of different criteria to choose my next cosplay: technical challenge, love for the costume, childhood dream, favorite character, perfect for a special skit… and, of course, my friends always trying to get me into their “crazy groups” like Princess Starla, Pokemon, My Little Pony etc… So I can choose a cosplay only to be with my friends in a group.
Nikita as Sailor Moon
Photo by Wildwolf
Nikita as High Elf Shadow Warrior (Warhammer Online)
Photo by Meian
Nikita as Rapunzel (Tangled)
Photo by Florian Fromentin
Cosplay Gen: Last year you cosplayed as Evangelion’s Asuka in her full body suit version; could you tell us how did you make that costume?
Nikita: The first step was to buy a figure so I could see the costume in 3D. Then I tried to find a good fabric to get the skin-tight and brilliant effect at the same time. I started with a half suit I adjusted to my body. My brother helped me drawing the different design elements on me, while I was wearing it; he helped me a lot to get the right proportions. Once every single detail was drawn, I cut the different parts and sewed the final body suit. The toughest parts to make were all the black lines! I had to use stickers to draw them perfectly and I think I made the legs 3 times before getting a correct result (I’m still not totally satisfied with it…)
Nikita as Asuka (Evangelion)
Photo by Florian Fromentin
Nikita as Ironette (IronMan)
Photo by CoolADN
Nikita as Elizabeth Middleford (Butler Jonathan)
Photo by Jonathan Roux
Cosplay Gen: In 2008, you represented France with your partner Sikay at World Cosplay Summit 2008, dressed as Oluha from Clamp’s Clover series. Why did you choose to portray that particular character and how was the experience there for you?
Nikita: I am a great fan of Clamp, and Clover is their most poetic and aesthetic manga. I always dreamed to be a diva singer and Oluha was a kind of cyberpunk “angel of music”. This character is very charismatic and I wanted to sing on stage. Oluha was the perfect character for that. Also, we found the perfect music to fit our performance.
The WCS experience was amazing. Sikay and I were just starting cosplay, and WCS was a magic experience with lots of meetings, great cosplayers and a great show! Coming to Japan was a dream and it came true with Cosplay! Cosplay in Japan with lots of wonderful cosplayers: all our dreams came true.
Nikita as Oluha (Clamp’s Clover series)
Photo by Andy Julia
Nikita as Cure-Blossom (Heartcatch Precure)
Photo by Florian Fromentin
Nikita as Asuka (Evangelion)
Photo by Omaru
Cosplay Gen: What are your cosplay plans for the upcoming months?
Nikita: Sikay and I are planning to enter WCS preliminaries in France with Shiva sisters from Final Fantasy XIII. It’s a huge challenge, so I probably won’t have other plans until Japan Expo. After that, of course, I have lots of cosplay dreams like making all the Little Mermaid costumes (Disney), a sexy Poison Ivy costume and a Steampunk creation… And many other surprises!
Nikita as Asuka (Evangelion)
Photo by Omaru
Nikita as Asuka (Evangelion)
Photo by Florian Fromentin
Nikita as Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Photo by Photogeny



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    hi! I love your work! my favorite is asuka’s cosplay x3 !

  2. HERO says:

    the photos are so cool, good job.hope to see more works of you.

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