Years of Cosplay: 8
Hong Kong, China
Hydeaoi revels in highly elaborate materials that she hunts down with great acumen. Complicated decorations and body painted creatures are her trade. She will softly kiss a pink rose, or drown you in a sea of rustling flowers. Guns in her hand, she leaves just empty shells behind. Get ready cose the Vocaloid cosplay tournament is just starting. Cloth Road’s June May is looking straight at you, while she prepares her next sartorial coup d’état.

Kanoko (Pop’n’Music Portable) by Wing
Cosplay Gen: What is the deciding factor in the next cosplay you want to do: the character’s background, looks, costume?
Hydeaoi: I like to cosplay characters that bring forth certain challenges.Someone with complicated decorations, body-painted creatures, or an armored character. I’m attracted to anything I haven’t tried before.
Cure Blossom (HeartCatch PreCure!) by LMF
Rydia (Final Fantasy IV) by Harold
June May (Cloth Road) by Harold
June May (Cloth Road) by Harold
CG: One of your most elaborate costumes is your June May from Cloth Road cosplay; how did you make it come together and what were the most difficult parts?
Hydeaoi: It took plenty of time to make this costume. To support the weight of the dress and for a better shape, a tailored hoop pannier was needed. Then I also needed to stitch the flowers one by one onto the dress; that was why this costume took much more time to make than a normal costume. This cosplay was made for a performance, and it had to cover up another costume. Therefore, the most difficult part was the cutting and preparation for its quick change.
Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) by Ken
Rosemary (Pop’n Music 17 The Movie) by Harold
Female Protagonist of Persona 3 Portable by Harold
Alois Trancy (Kuroshitsuji) by Shiro Ang
CG: What are the most common problems you face in cosplay and how do you handle them?
Hydeaoi: I think it’s about the acquirement of certain types of fabric or materials. For instance, now I’m making the new test suit of Asuka. I know what material can show its transparent texture, but it is difficult to get in low quantity. Luckily, there are always some similar alternatives I can use, I only have to persuade myself to use it.
Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid, Trick and Treat version) by Izumi
CG: What’s your opinion on Vocaloid cosplay?
Hydeaoi: First of all I want to thank Vocaloid, as the reason why I am still enjoying cosplay is greatly because its existence. I think not only me, but many cosplayers I know are inspired by Vocaloid. The variety of the song styles and PV interpretations was always interesting for cosplayers. As each song has its own costume, story and background setting, in my point of view I am cosplaying a single separated work more than a Vocaloid character. Therefore I don’t think there are too many people cosplaying Vocaloid. As nice songs are written and uploaded everyday, there will be new Vocaloid cosplays to be seen in different events.
Hatsune Miku (Spacy Nurse version) by Shiro Ang
Aida Atoli (.hack//G.U. TRILOGY) by Harold
SF-A2 Miki (Vocaloid) by Harold
CG: What sort of impact has cosplay had over your life?
Hydeaoi: As I’ve been making cosplay costumes by myself for years, I developed a good tailoring and fabric/material choosing skill, which has became one of my competitive advantages in my career. And the most important thing is that I love to do it. From this point of view, cosplay really changed my life. Cosplay also brought me many friends, with different backgrounds, age, and personality. Of course, I’m happy to talk to someone who has the same interest in animation, comics, games and cosplay. Moreover, we share everything in daily life. Indeed, the friends in this network broadened my world and I have learned a lot from them.


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