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// October 14, 2010

Endiru is a group comprising of three girls – Orochi X, Pinky Lu Xun and Shinji X – who consider cosplay as a very complex form of art that combines various related fields. Their philosophy as a team is that one should make up for whatever skills the other lacks, in order to complete the whole.

Their cosplays range from fantasy game characters such as Animus Isis from Rising Force Online or the Dynasty Elf from Lineage II to anime or manga characters such as Ashura from RG Veda or Ion Fortuna from Trinity Blood.

Orochi X (Group Leader)
Years of Cosplay: 7, since 2003
Melbourne, Australia
Pinky Lu Xun
Years of Cosplay: 12, since 1998
Jakarta, Indonesia
Shinji X
Years of Cosplay: 5, since 2005
Jakarta, Indonesia

Endiru – Alichino cosplay

Endiru – Lineage II cosplay

Endiru – Noctis Lucis Caelum cosplay

Endiru – Rising Force Online cosplay

Endiru – RG Veda cosplay

Endiru – Soul Calibur cosplay

Endiru – Trinity Blood cosplay

Endiru – Vocaloid cosplay

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Photo Credits:

Endiru – Alichino cosplay by Cin Shine
Endiru – Lineage II cosplay by Gorgeous Photography Team
Endiru – Noctis Lucis Caelum by Shinji X
Endiru – Rising Force Online cosplay by Gorgeous Photography Team
Endiru – RG Veda cosplay by Gorgeous Photography Team
Endiru – Soul Calibur cosplay by Thomas Kuan aka Hexlord
Endiru – Trinity Blood cosplay by Ahbu
Endiru – Vocaloid cosplay by Blurmage


  1. resha says:

    wow! i hope i can get a copy of cosplay gen! <3 is it available in our country? XD

  2. Qa says:

    wow, great photos and great costumes

  3. Lira Mae Castaneda says:

    As expected from Endiru 🙂

  4. Akirha says:

    awesome ! inspiring ! ^_^

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