Painting Lace and Vinyl Application: Alichino’s Myoubi Dress

Tutorial by Witchiko. Photos by And Yamasaki

I. Painting the lace

This is a more economic type of lace, which has 8 parts. Cut with the scissors in order to separate all the embroidery designs, but be careful not to undo the embroidery. After that, burn the edges with the lighter, so that the fabric doesn’t unravel. But be sure to do it quickly, as the edges may burn too much if you keep the lighter too long.

After all the lace is separated, begin the painting process. Use the ochre color to paint the lace, mixing a small amount of water with the ochre fabric paint. Use a paint roller to spread the paint on the fabric.


I recommend that you paint the entire area at once. Use a large table so that you can extend and paint the whole lace, because if you paint it little by little, the fabric will be a little blurred where you’ve painted last time.

Extend the lace completely; then wait for one day until it dries. Meanwhile, paint the other strip of lace the same way you painted the first one.

Once dry, begin the second part of the painting. I used golden fabric paint, mixed with enough water to be very thin, in order to make the ochre shine a little.

After drying, use golden paint to paint the edges of the lace. I painted both sides of the lace to be well done. Let it dry on one side first; meanwhile, paint the edges of the other lace. After painting the two sides, the lace is ready to be sewn onto the dress.

When dry, the fabric is a little hardened, but for this kind of cosplay, this effect is excellent.

II. Vinyl application

First, take the reference of the design and import it into a graphic program. Afterwards, redesign all the details in order to create the form. Measure the size that you want on the dress.

The designs must have the real measures that will be used on the dress.

Print, cut and paste on cardboard, making sure that this is the size you want on the dress.
If it is correct, design the form on vinyl.

After designing on vinyl, cut all the designs and paste all the cuttings with fabric glue.
Wait until each pasted collage dries, in order to avoid its detaching.


Be careful not to miss the collage, because the glue doesn’t come out from the fabric.



  1. swatch 大阪,swatch アイロニー

  2. Narcissa Sardonyx says:

    What lovely work!

  3. Milie says:

    Absolutely stunning work…I am so inspired.

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