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Cosplay Gen Updates

Last message from 20125

// December 28, 2012

Greetings and many thanks to all of our readers and contributors out there, for giving your love & support, hence the super powers to continue this amazing magazine, with such incredible results. [..]

We helped our big brother0

// December 9, 2012

Important notice for those who haven’t received/read or opened our most recent newsletter! Maybe some of you are already wondering what’s happening with the next issue of Cosplay GEN. Don’t worry, we’ve already begun working at full speed and its release is scheduled for the upcoming year. [..]

Happy Halloween!2

// October 31, 2012

Come out, come out, wherever you are, it’s time to celebrate the Halloween with a special edition of the Best on Deviant Art Column. We selected a few of our favorite cosplay submissions related with this special day from our group and more. Many thanks to our members for submissions. Everybody is welcome to suggest other great cosplay on our Deviant Group or here on the comment form below. Happy Halloween! [..]

volume 102

// October 15, 2012

We very much appreciate and welcome the “harvest” of new submissions. Presenting volume’s 10 first-rate cospaly deviations! You can visit or become a member of Cosplay GEN deviantArt group. By the way, your best cospalys will be promoted by us on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest! [..]

Hagaren (CH)1

// October 12, 2012
As expected, China has a blooming scene and lots of places to cosplay. Hagaren has the Chenghuang Miao Temple behind her, and all the important materials to make a show of it. [..]

volume 91

// October 2, 2012

With your help the cosplay community has grown and is much improved! We are happy to provide you with this week’s volume 9 containing the finest submissions. Feel free to visit, or become a member and submit on Cosplay GEN deviantArt group. [..]

Cosplay GEN #03 low stock0

// September 25, 2012

With only 30 copies still available, Cosplay GEN #03 has almost reached the bottom of the box! You have one last chance to get your hands on an amazing copy in limited edition of this issue, which won’t be reprinted and republished again! [..]

volume 80

// September 24, 2012

Here is volume 8 of the best submissions on our DeviantART group!
Thanks again to our members for the amount of submissions. Also, every cosplayer or photographer are very welcome to visit, or become a member and submit on Cosplay GEN DeviantArt group. [..]

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