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// June 26, 2013

For those who do not already know, MCM Comic Con is one of the largest comic conventions in the UK, held twice a year in London, around May and October. Attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world with many guest appearance and events running an entire weekend between Friday to Sunday.

However, for me, it all started on one sunny (my god it was so sunny), Saturday afternoon in the wonderfully massive Excel Centre in London, yes you heard me correctly, I couldn’t wake up in time. Typical that by the time I got to the venue, around 1pm’ there was literally over a thousand people in the queue. A kind young chap informed me that it was at least a 2.5 to 3 hrs wait, so a word of advice; it is worth getting the early entrance tickets online before hand. Yes it costs more, but around lunchtime there was no queue for those early birds.

At the event itself they showcased a number of up and coming talents, along with the ever-growing vendor section catering for all your cosplay needs. One thing that did stick out was the increase of Steampunk accessories and clothing compared to last October’s event.

Where the real action is was not inside the expo itself, but outside on the green at the main entrance. Every year everyone gathers here without fail to pose for pictures and shoot videos. Here you will meet the biggest array of cosplayers showcasing their hard work and dedication all in one place. It is very hard to describe the atmosphere here in words, but it was absolutely amazing, everyone is so friendly and having mini parties with a mixture of picnics, organized professional shoots and filmmaking.

As a photographer/videographer the experience was very refreshing and challenging, from meeting random people to directing, the most amazing thing is that everyone was so willing to help and spend time to pose for each shot.

If you have never been before I would highly recommend you to go, the atmosphere alone is worth the trip into London and don’t be shy to stop and speak to a fellow cosplayer they all love to meet you.

See you all at the next expo…

Photo credits and review by William Man

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