Manuel D’Andrea
Years of Cosplay: 2
Rome, Italy

In only two years he has reached the top level through a remarkable talent and artistic skill. Manuel from Italy showed the world some of the most accurate and beautiful personifications of Edward Scissorhands or Headless Horseman and also fascinated his audience with his acting as the character onstage. He considers the details to be the most important element that makes the difference, and this is why he uses all kinds of materials for that, from top-quality fabrics, to the most unusual components, such as real starfish.

Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow) // by Walter Pellegrini

You’ve only been cosplaying for 2 years yet you already have some amazing costumes in your portfolio; what made you start this hobby and what gives you the determination to go so far for it?
I went to a beautiful expo here in Rome and I remember the breathtaking costumes, the magic and colorful atmosphere; I was in love. Two or three days afterwards, I’ve thought “I love this hobby; I want to try to make a costume!” So, in March 2011, I went to another expo with my first cosplay, Edward Scissorhands! My dreams are what it’s giving me the determination to go so far. I want to be a professional costume designer, and, in my opinion, this is a perfect start.

Edward Scissorhands (Edward Scissorhands) // by Cesare Marino

It is noticeable that you give high importance to every small detail in your costumes; do you think this is an important step to take for any cosplayer in order to get an image 100% accurate of the character?
Absolutely! In my opinion, details are the elements that allow a costume to stand level and stand out from the others.

Your Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean shows an amazing effort in capturing all the details; could you tell us how did you make this costume? Also, why did you pick this character for the EuroCosplay 2012 competition?
The reason I’ve chosen this costume for EuroCosplay is simple: for its originality! It’s a complete costume, tailoring parts, prosthesis, prosthetic make-up and realistic texture. For this cosplay I’ve chosen only the best fabrics and I’ve used real starfish, shells and musk; what could make a realistic effect better than real materials?

Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest)
by David Cooper aka pouncy
Tarrant Hightopp (Alice in Wonderland) // by Walter Pellegrini

In your photo-shoots, you always manage to capture the right atmosphere for the character you’re portraying. How do you usually plan out your photo-shoots?
Yes, the atmosphere is very important for me. Before a photo-shoot, I usually study the original sketches and landscapes of the characters used in the movie; after this, I plan a photo-shoot giving importance to lights, special effects and computer graphics.

Have you already decided on any future cosplays which you would like to share with us? Also, what future goals do you have as far as cosplay is concerned?
For 2013 I’ve not decided on any cosplay yet, because I will take part as a judge in various Italian conventions, but I’m working on my new brand called “Midnight Costumes”. It is a place where anyone can ask commissions for theatrical and cinematographic costumes, props, accessories and cosplay, all with an attention to detail and professionalism that distinguishes me and my staff from any other sites that sell costumes!

Jack Frost (Original Version) // by Walter Pellegrini

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