This tutorial will cover two basic makeup looks that I use for Vampire Knight’s Kaname Kuran. Of course, different faces take differently to makeup, so I hope that instead of following this tutorial to the T, readers will be inspired to play around with techniques and come up with looks that best suit them (and their characters).

1. Start with a clean face, and a good skincare regime, and then apply the basics – concealer, foundation, and loose powder. This is a must for an even and clean-looking skintone that shows up well in photographs. Apply just a little concealer or foundation on your lips too.
Eye makeup can be used to reshape and redefine your eyes, which is crucial for cosplaying different characters, so don’t rush through this step.
2.Using a black liquid or cream eyeliner, draw a heavy line on the upper eyelid, and wing out the tip on the outer corner. Because I have single eyelids, the line needs to be thicker; people with double eyelids should draw a thinner line.
3.Continue applying eyeliner on the lower lid. Lining the inner corner of the eyes is important if you want to emphasise the sharp eyes of the character. Be careful not to line the lower lid too heavily. It should be thicker on the inner and outer corners of the eye, and thinner in the middle.

4. Using a brown pencil, draw a fake eyelid crease along the socket of your eye. Those who already have double eyelids may either skip this step, or run the pencil along to crease to define it further. Make sure the line isn’t too harsh.
5.For this character, I’d want to fake the effect of dark under-eye sockets. Apply a non-shimmer pigment (I used a dark peach blush for this), and blend the color gently, sweeping it up to your temples. Blend a dark brown eyeshadow above the eyelid crease to make your eyes appear more deep-set.
This step is optional. Some people won’t find it appropriate for male characters but personally, I think that it emphasizes the eyes more.

6. Using a shimmery highlighter or white eyeshadow, define the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Take care not to apply it onto your black eyeliner, you want the black to be black instead of diluted with glitter and shimmer pigments. Also, make sure the highlighter is very subtle or you run the risk of looking too theatrical.
Finally, fill in your brows. Since it’s a male character, take care not to make them too arched or too high.
7. The completed look – with an emphasis on the eyes.
8.The second look is best fit for people who prefer a more natural and realistic approach to cosplay makeup.
Instead of using eyeliner to define your eyes, invest in a pair of fake eyelashes. We’re doing a male character here, so be careful when choosing them.
Select a pair with straight (not crisscrossed) lashes, and not too long or thick. Specifically, I’m using Canmake 01 for this.

9. Because we’re going for a more natural look, we’ll not draw in the double eyelid crease. Instead, use eyelid tape to create a temporary (but otherwise very real) crease. Carefully apply the sticker to your eyelid above the eyelash. People who already have double eyelids can also use this to deepen or raise your double eyelid crease.
There are different types of eyelid tape for different eye shapes, so you’ll need to do a bit of experimenting to find the kind that works for you. You’ll also probably need a lot of practice to get it to look right. I know I did.
10. Using a brown pencil eyeliner, line the outer corner of the eyes, and also the lower lids along the lashline. When lining your eyes, make sure to extend the line on either corner, this will make your eyes appear longer and sharper.
At this point you can also run your brown liner lightly along the eyelid crease for extra definition; again, for this character I’ve applied color along the lower eye sockets.

11. Emphasise your features with a highlighter. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ve blocked out on the first photo areas on my face that I want to emphasize. The cheekbones, chin, brow bones and bridge of the nose are the most important.
I’ve also shaded very subtly along either side of the bridge of the nose, and added highlights to the inner corner of each eye. Remember to apply a little at a time and blend well.
12. Fill in your brows and you’re done.
Make-Up Tutorial Photos by Rieyn



  1. Kaiden says:

    Now I\’m like, well duh! Truly thnfakul for your help.

  2. Cas says:

    Mmm. Nah, RainerTachibana should stick to female makeup.

  3. sephora says:

    will you do a zero one too pls and a yuuki one thanks

  4. Ihram says:

    Thankyou very much, this is very helpful for me ^_^

  5. Iris says:

    Hii!! I thank you so much for this! I was looking for a tutorial like this one and hadn’t found one that meet my expectations and likes D:

  6. Wow! That looks pretty epic. I might try it myself soon thanks.

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