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// March 18, 2010

It took 3 months to build the first version in 2008, and an additional 2 weeks for an updated version in 2009. All of it is completely hand-made out of craft foam, foamboard, vinyl, and polystyrene plastic sheeting. The most difficult part was designing for comfort and mobility. I could be in it for hours and hours and not have to worry about keeling over from exhaustion. It’s really very lightweight.

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Photo credits: Darkain Multimedia
Name/Nickname: Lionel Lum
Years of Cosplay: 15
Country: Milpitas, California


  1. Just awesome ^^ Lionel couldn’t walk 5 ft without being surrounded by photographers at Fanime ’09 !

  2. This is an amazing costume. I aspire to make costumes this good.

  3. ahbu says:


  4. […] Posted by Billy So on May 31, 2010 · Leave a Comment  This is pretty amazing work by Lionel Lum […]

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