Interview: ShanHuang (CN)4

// September 16, 2010

ShanHuang is not only a cosplayer, but also an artist, reflecting into his costumes a personal approach on a certain character. In his case, cosplay doesn’t mean only producing a beautiful outfit and wearing it perfectly, but also transforming the chosen character according to his own sensitivity and point of view.

It’s mostly about a personal aesthetics that he applies on refined and mysterious characters, such as Abe no Seimei, or Lau from Kuroshitsuji, to which he adds an interesting gallery of original characters. He shared with us a few things about his work as a cosplayer and about his personal view on this hobby.

Years of Cosplay: 8
ShenZhen, China

ShanHuang Cosplay & Original Concepts

Read the interview in Cosplay Gen#02.
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Photo Credits:

01-02. Liu (Kuroshitsuji), The traveler from Qing Dynasty, Photo by Rabbitblanca
03. Hinichi (Nana), Photo by Rabbitblanca
04. Chenda (Angel Sanctuary), Photo by Miluku
05. JiShao (Fantasy of Luoyang), Photo by Rabbitblanca

06. Abe no Seimei (Exile of the missing royalty), Photo by Rabbitblanca
07. Mr.Butterfly (Original work By ShanHuang), Photo by Rabbitblanca
08. Jean (Trinity Blood), Photo by Joly
09. Count D’s father (Pet shop of horrors), Photo by Joly
10. Imagawa Yoshimoto (Original work by ShanHuang), Photo by Rabbitblanca


  1. zahraa power says:

    i really like this picture

  2. Misa says:

    i love Shinichi (Nana) <3

  3. mariafilipina says:

    ur so handsome^^ if i would dream of u.it feels like i dont wanna wake up again!hehe. ur so cute.i want to see u.if only its possible..

  4. Yuri says:

    U’re quite handsome, especially in the 6th picture

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