Danny Cosplay as Yuuko (XXXHolic)
Jorge Padilla as AmaruRyudo Sohryuden (The legend of the Dragon Kings)
Danny Cosplay
Years of Cosplay: 4
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
Jorge Padilla / Eliot
Years of Cosplay: 4
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

We have the honor of introducing you theses two magnificent Mexican cosplay artists, Danny Cosplay and Eliot, who also happen to be the winners of the first two places at COMCOM!! Tijuana, Mexico. The COMCOM!! was first launched in 2010 and was designed as a convention dedicated to the fans of the comics, anime, videogames, cosplay and basically all that is contemporary Japanese culture. So let’s have a little insight in their works.

Jorge Padilla as AmaruRyudo Sohryuden (The legend of the Dragon Kings)
Cosplay Gen: What can you tell us about your experience as a cosplayer until now, and about your goals in cosplay?
Jorge Padilla: Despite having little time to be a cosplayer, I can say I’ve had very nice experiences. I’ve learned many things through trial-and-error, and I’ve developed skills to work with a various range of materials to make things I consider fantastic. I’ve exploited my creativity in ways I never thought I could, and it is something that has got me very motivated to stay in the world of cosplay.

Also, cosplay has allowed me to meet a lot of people, great cosplayers, and make great friends; it gave me the opportunity to travel to other cities and keep meeting new people from different places, and always learn new things from the others. It has helped me develop myself personally. Cosplay is something I’ve grown very fond of, and I do it with great delight and commitment.

I actually feel very satisfied, since up until now I’ve achieved all the goals and challenges I’ve set for myself in the world of cosplay; and sincerely one of them was being able to share my work as a cosplayer with CosplayGen and with the world.

Danny Cosplay: My most important experiences have been getting to know a lot of people I have become friends with, to learn from them and from myself, the memories and experiences of each finished costume, getting nervous right before the contest, the emotions, and also to feel the courage of getting on-stage. These are all experiences I would never change for anything, and I will never forget them since my beginnings as a cosplayer.

I don’t really have fixed goals, they all started coming out in time… but I can say that I have achieved all those goals and I feel very proud of what I’ve accomplished in such a short time as a cosplayer.

Danny Cosplay as Yuuko (XXXHolic)
CG: How do you regard the cosplay community in Mexico? In your opinion, what is it that should be changed, and why?
Jorge Padilla: I consider that Mexico has a great cosplay level! Little by little, people are being more dedicated when creating their cosplays. However, I still think there’s still a slight lack of will and commitment, since making a cosplay, even if it’s a very simple costume, needs some time and dedication in order for it to come out as best as possible.

Danny Cosplay: Mexico’s cosplay community actually does have great potential, but I believe it is not sufficiently exploited. I think that in Mexico we are sometimes limited, and we’re unable to give it our all in the matter of contesting. Regarding cosplay itself, there really is some very good work, otherwise I don’t think we would be here.

Danny Cosplay as June May (Cloth Road)
CG: Do you have such a thing as a favourite cosplayer, whom to regard as a role model? If yes, who and why?
Jorge Padilla: Definitely Yaya Han. I highly admire the dedicated and detailed way in which she works; actually, some of her original designs amaze me more than most of her actual cosplays! She’s still ‘fresh’ and has a lot of time for doing cosplay. She is always in contact with the cosplay community, assists to many events, throws conferences, and brings her own contributions… she is very committed to what she does and that’s something I really like about her; I believe all this has situated her in the position she’s in as a very well known cosplay figure and role model in the cosplay world.

Danny Cosplay: I don’t have a role model; I believe every cosplayer is a role model to follow. However, I do have a couple of cosplayers I admire, such as Yaya Han and Pikminlink. I admire Yaya for all of her work; it’s marvellous, and she’s a girl who remained very well known in the world of cosplay. I also like Pikminlink because she’s actually a crossplayer, and her work reflects her dedication to reach perfection, such as her well-known Link cosplay.

Jorge Padilla as Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)
Danny Cosplay as Yuuko (XXXHolic)
CG: What can you tell us about the costume-making process? How long did it take to tailor the costumes for the competition, and what was the most difficult part?
Jorge Padilla: My Ciel cosplay was done in 3 months. Generally, I always begin making my cosplays with plenty of time ahead, because I like making them little by little. However, they actually don’t really take much time. Since this cosplay is not an official costume in the series, but rather a line-art, it was very complicated to find the exact material, seeing that the design I was inspired from was a darker shade of red; I used a different fabric and apparently it worked out well. The other difficult part was to bind the crinoline to my waist and achieve the picture’s effect, but after lots of thinking I was able to pull off something similar and it looks like that worked out as well… In the end, the most difficult part of this cosplay was finding a place where I could sit down!

Danny Cosplay: The whole process started with selecting the character. For this cosplay, I chose Yuuko from xXxHoLic. It took me about 3 months before the contest to make the costume. The making process seemed endless to me, since I was eager to see it finished, and it was also kind of tedious since there was much to sew and a lot of cloth to put together, especially for the sleeves. The most difficult part was painting the circles and the butterflies, especially the butterflies, since the pink colour would not stay on the cloth and I had to give it several strokes. Making the mold for the hair was my favourite part in making the costume.

Jorge Padilla as Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)
CG: What is your opinion about costume tailoring in cosplay? Do you consider it mandatory for a cosplayer to make everything by himself/herself, or do you think it’s ok to get the help of a professional tailor? Which category do you belong to?
Jorge Padilla: Not at all. Wanting to be an anime, manga, etc. character for a moment does not imply having to elaborate the costume yourself. Many people simply like to dress up for just a moment to know what it feels like being your favourite character and enjoying it without having the intention of learning how to sew or make any piece of their cosplay themselves, and that’s ok, since there are no actual rules for this activity, and we’re not going to put up obstacles or rules for ourselves when it’s just for dressing up and having a good time, since that’s what it’s actually all about: having a good time.

Personally, I like to become the character in the most realistic way possible, from his costume to his personality… I’m quite perfectionist in that aspect, it’s something about my personality and the odd way in which I enjoy myself. Like most people, I started out without knowing anything about sewing and I used to get others’ help to make my cosplays. Now, I do my entire cosplay myself, starting from sewing, armour-making, details, wig styling, to make-up itself. I’ve learned little by little based on tutorials, help and advice from others, observation, trial-and-error, and experience itself. There’s always room for improvement.

Danny Cosplay: I myself don’t think there’s anything bad about receiving professional help since there are always things you can’t do yourself, and there are a lot of people who are into cosplay, but do not have any sewing experience and require help. It’s all ok as long as you contribute with something to the making of the costume. For example, I receive help when I’m faced with dangerous stuff, like cutting wood with machines.

Danny Cosplay as Chun Hyang (Legend of Chun Hyang)
CG: What do you think about conventions and competitions? What do they represent to you?
Jorge Padilla: Obviously, I love going to events and contests of this kind, since it is a great opportunity to get to know the work of others, share your own work, share ideas, interact, and especially have a good time. I really like taking part in the cosplay contests just for the fact of getting on the stage, representing the character, and performing; I consider myself a very artistic person and always willing to pull off something magnificent that people would like, and being on stage along with other people that share similar ideas and tastes is something I get a lot of satisfaction from, which apparently I am able to reflect since other people enjoy what I do as well… I would love to become the inspiration of others, and to encourage them into entering the world of cosplay.

Danny Cosplay: Well, to me the conventions represent a place where I can show my work as a cosplayer, meet up with my friends, get to know new people, and sometimes talk to people to help them and encourage them into contesting or cosplaying. I can show my work much better in contests, express what I felt through the music, what I thought when creating my performance, and convey the character’s presence, which I really like to do during the minutes I’m on-stage, as well as having everyone look at what I can accomplish. Contests make me very excited while on the stage.


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