Happy Halloween!2

// October 31, 2012

Come out, come out, wherever you are, it’s time to celebrate the Halloween with a special edition of the Best on Deviant Art Column. We selected a few of our favorite cosplay submissions related with this special day from our group and more. Many thanks to our members for submissions. Everybody is welcome to suggest other great cosplay on our Deviant Group or here on the comment form below. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Town Sora ::06 by Cvy

.:Calcium:. by Itchy-Hands

ThrillKill by AKIOMI

Grave Misunderstanding by Rei-Doll

Tears to Shed by Rei-Doll

Elfen Lied – Faith by hexlord

Hell by Ryoko-demon

Freddy Krueger Costume Redux by tauakhera

Nurse by UndercoverEnvy

The Witch by TraumaCentreGrrl

It is Here – I by DimHorizonStudio

Tomie: MURDER 03 by ero-de

MPD Psycho: the Psycho 1 by ero-de

Nobody has invited Maleficent… by Giorgiacosplay

Berserk by Maxsy66

Nightmare by kurorochan

Pet shop of horrors by ShanHuang

Tiffany by AKIOMI

Kurositsuji – Ciel Phantomhive by miyoaldy

What Are You Afraid Of? by Stargazer-Gemini

Don’t be scared… by drummerina

Fatalis monster hunter by Style85

Mortis demands your souls by Reki-Konran

Death by Kawaielli

Big Sister The end of Rapture by BangBangNeko

The Ring by Pugoffka-sama

Skull Ghost::::::: by Witchiko

The Nightmare Before Christmas by miyoaldy

AiZ: Are You Scared Of Me? by Shigeako

Are you scared? by MargoIIIa

Ivy – Up close and Personal by Kudrel-Cosplay

Lady Two-Face by Meagan-Marie

Cosfest 2011 – 08 by shiroang

I was waiting for you… by daguerroty-pe

Till Death Do Us Part – Not by Chewyee

Candied Eyes of Puppies by Itchy-Hands

My heart belongs to Daddy by Tobi-theUke

Spidey Worse Enemy by RacoonFactory

STGCC ’10 – Ein I by rieyn

Giant Majini (Resident Evil) by Yami

amazing weeping angel by NekosRocks

Hysteria by Nattokun

Pumpkin king by Maho-Urei

Grave Sending Song II by MinGII

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  1. Kabuto Yakushi says:

    gracias por las imagenesa estan super geniales… me van a super servir…

  2. Kuran Senpai says:

    Esto, demuestra la gran capacidad de crear cosas maravillosas, es arte.

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