Nicole Alú, better known as TsukiLion, is an architecture graduate and lives in the Dominican Republic. She started cosplaying on November of 2009 in a small convention named J-Fest. As in her country cosplay is rather a new wave, she hadn’t previously heard of it or had the chance to try it. But, after that convention, she has done a lot of research, and realized how huge and amazing the world of cosplay is, wanting to improve her skills everyday. She has become quite skilful in props-making, and she accepted to share with us and our readers her tutorial for Grell Sutcliff’s chainsaw, from the Kuroshitsuji series.

Grell Sutcliff’s Chainsaw Tutorial BY TSUKILION:

1. Planning
First thing I did was sketching the chainsaw, I used the Grell’s Chainsaw , Anime Version; I collected a few pictures and also saw references from other cosplayers on the Internet. While I sketched, I took into account my own height, and then the colour of the pieces and shapes.
The materials I decided to use for this chainsaw are basically different types of foams, wood, a car belt (for saw teeth), gold, black and silver cardboard, silver spray, red and black acrylic paint, UHU Glue, bolts, screws and packing rings.

2. Cut the Pieces and Get a Central Box
Cut the main pieces from the sides (red ones), remember the left side has an “air vent” that normally chainsaws has, so you have to do the wholes after you cut and before gluing the pieces together.
Get a box according to the size on the sketch (for being used in the center of the main body of the chainsaw), I used a dry ice box, which is not heavy but its good enough to handle all the pieces on the sides with bolts, screws and packing rings.

3. Glue the Side Pieces
Build together the pieces of the sides; I used a hard foam named paspartu (one that is used in frames mostly), red-colored, but later I wrapped it in red cardboard to cover the white lines.
4. Create the Decorative Side Pieces
Later I created the pieces that go above the side ones, but are more decorative, using the same hard foam in red.
5. Wrap the Decorative Side Pieces
Since the decorative side pieces are gold color, instead of painting them, for me it worked really well with a gold cardboard and wrap them. Then you can glue them over the red side pieces with UHU Glue.

6. Create a Piece for Bolts and Wrap the Center Box
From the hard foam, create a piece that will be placed in the center box, and will be used for the bolts, screws and packing rings to attach all pieces of the chainsaw.
Wrap with black cardboard the dry ice box, and attach the piece you just created, you can use UHU Glue, cause later the screws, bolts and packing rings will do the enough pressure to stick all the pieces together.

7. Add the Side Pieces to the Center Box
After the side pieces are ready with decorative motives like the gold parts and black circles created with cardboard, you can use the bolts, screws and the packing rings to attach them to the center box.

8. Create the Lugs
For the lugs, I decided to use wood since they need to be stronger, firstly I drew a pattern on paper and then in wood; the little squares are for attach them to the box.
After creating the lugs, I painted them in the corresponding color, the back lug in red (using acrylic paint) and the upper lug with silver spray paint. For the squares, I used black paint so it could be not so seen with the center box.

9. Create the Saw
Draw the saw in the hard foam; I used double pieces and glued them so it could be stronger; after having the shape and cutting it, I used a little sandpaper to smooth the boards, and then I cut the car belt as thin as the saw and literally pined it up to it so it could stay in place.
10. Paint the Saw
Spray with silver color the saw with the teeth you created with the car belt, let it dry and attach the red circle that is on the tip of it.

11. Attach the Lugs
Using bolts and the squares that I created before, I attached the back lug in the center box and the upper lug in the left side of the main body of the chainsaw and the silver piece in the middle (upper part).
I also used a round piece with gold tip for the piece that Grell’s chainsaw has in the upper part of it, originally it was a bath curtain silver piece, I cut it and painted it in red and gold.

12. Add the Saw
When the saw is all dry, you can attach it to the main body of the chainsaw, with bolts. Firstly put them in the right side, and then use a larger one from side to side to not let the chainsaw fall in one side.
When the bolts were in place, I created a little black box with silver frames to be in front, that the original chainsaw has and also helps to cover the bolts a bit more.
13. Add Final Designs, Clean and Done
When every piece is all together, you may clean it up, paint some other pieces in case you touched them when it was not so dry, add some more decorative designs if it’s needed, and you are done.



  1. witchiko says:

    Very nice tutorial *O*

  2. Koda-chan says:

    neesamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa your tutorial is here 😀 yeeeyyyy omedetou!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LadySc-Maaya says:

    GReat one!!

  4. 1 of the best Cosplay Weapon Making Ever

  5. Bohemian Otaku says:

    I love you for making this you saved me a quite a bit of moola buying my own

  6. Cat Wright says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is fantastic! I tired to make one myself, but it didn’t work very well… any tips for me?

  7. What a superb piece of work TsukiLion, I wish I had half of your skills!!

    George, a “real chainsaw” user

  8. Tsubaki Nakatsucasa says:

    I have never been so excited in my life =) Wal-mart better watch out – here comes Grell!!!

  9. marynely00 says:

    accidenti che bel lavoro *O*
    vorrei che si potesse fare qualcosa su ciel phantomhive… -.- tristezza… comunque ancora complimentoni bravissimo!
    (scusa se non scrivo in inglese -.- sono italiana… se hai google traduttore forse riesci a decifrare le mie parole agitate!)
    :”) ciao 😉

  10. Janegre says:

    Does the dry ice box melt and where did u get it

    • Emina333 says:

      Um a Dry ice box isn’t made of dry ice, it’s made of foam… like styrofoam so no it doesnt melt its called tat because it hold that

  11. Yorch Graves says:

    En español, que es el “car belt” o donde lo compro? y alguien me dice?

  12. jac says:

    That’s pretty creative!i also want to try …

  13. Alyce valdemir sutcliff says:

    Very nice tutorial…ima go cheap and follow this. But use foam like I did for my Adventure Time Ax Bass

  14. KITTY says:

    WOW that is a REALLY well-made chainsaw! soo jealous! XD

  15. Elvenmaster says:

    wonderful work! A little up-scaling and change of the materials and it will be perfect for me! Thanks for the great tutorial! Finally something I don’t have to buy.

  16. kufubuki says:

    Hey, could any of you guys around here give me the measures of the scythe? It is urgent I get them, and I need to really soon!

    Thank you in advance fellows!
    – kufubuki

  17. Grell Sutcliff says:

    NYA! Nice one! not as good as mine though! DEATH!

  18. hikado says:

    i don’t understand how you make to attach the saw (and the other piece) with bolts, witout we can see them… (well, we can see someof them, but not all of them, wat is your secret? <3)

  19. charlotte says:

    wow! amazing tutorial! how much would you say this roughly cost you? as I am looking to make this myself but want to know how much money I’ll need 🙂

  20. Hope says:

    I am planning to cosplay as Grell for a convention and I love this article because it is so very helpful! Definitely bookmarked this page to use as a reference and tool. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  21. Dallas says:

    How does one even begin to make one of those with this as their inspiration with how can one even make their own and have it compete with it. This chainsaw of Grell’s is by fair the epitome of elegance and grace.

  22. Berg Katze says:

    y de repente comentario salvaje en español aparece (? no mi ingles es muy precario y si bien entendí hay muchos materiales que no se que son o como hiciste para que quedaran así u.u

  23. paige says:

    i’m confused on the measurements i see the sketch with all the measurements listed at the top and there’s no way those are even remotely what they used at 10cm that makes the handle 4 inches long and at 20cm the support box would be only 8 inches which given the whole thing is “1 meter” according to other measurements the blade is then 27inches since 39.37 inches = a meter and you’ve got to subtract the 12 for handle box combo

  24. Habrá que investigar lo del acortador de URL, jum.

  25. MelinaMichaelis says:

    I’m confused… Can somebody post more detailed templates? Like, for all the pieces?

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