We met Goldy-san in the autumn of 2011 in London, at MCM Expo, where he was a judge for EuroCosplay together with Sushi Monster from the USA and Pandy from Brasil. He also had a workshop, in an area right near the Cosplay GEN booth, so we had the rare opportunity to see him at work, sharing his knowledge with the eager cosplayers who were learning and having fun along with him.

We had the chance to talk to him for a bit in England, and afterwards we interviewed him in order to find out his story and share it with you.

Now already known in the cosplay scene not only from Japan, but also worldwide, Goldy Marg got attracted to this hobby while living in the US, where he fancied the Halloween parties. Afterwards, back in Japan, cosplay really caught his interest. However, he chose more unusual and, at the same time, more challenging to make characters: giant robots, armors and all things related, all of them not only difficult to create, but also spectacular and breathtakingly imposing. When seeing one of Goldy’s cosplays, one may wonder what kind of materials could be used in order to achieve such perfect shape and surface. We wondered the same thing, and the answer was much simpler than we thought: anything, from urethane and fiberglass, to paper. In Goldy’s own words, “As long as I have the motivation, any materials are fine”. And he always prefers to create costumes close to the human shape, so he can walk easily in them, and also strike a pose when taking photos, with a little bit of extra care for the balance, in order to avoid tipping over.

On the other hand, as Goldy explains, making weapons is not an easy task at all, because they’re smaller than a full-body costume and require more attention to details, so he has to use a lot of different materials to get the look he wants.

Gundam has been a big part of Japanese anime culture for over 30 years now, and Goldy has done quite a few Gundam costumes until now. To Goldy, Gundam is not only a well-known character, but also a form of cultural exchange. Gundam is a symbol that helps to the spreading of Japanese culture abroad, and also helps Goldy to know other cultures in return, being invited as a guest to various conventions in other countries.

A cosplayer for about 10 years now, Goldy intends to keep making costumes for people to enjoy. He also conducts cosplay workshops and is invited to share his knowledge in cosplay-related events in both Asian, and non-Asian countries, proving once again that cosplay can be a means of inter-cultural exchange.

You can also check his work here

Or watch a sample video of his work:

Special thanks to Odeena for being our translator from and into Japanese.
All photos belong to Goldy Marg and his respective photographers.

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