Cosplay Gen’s choice for this week is Kaikida, a very versatile Russian cosplayer. As far as her gallery shows, she likes to portray beautiful and feminine characters, such as Paradise Kiss’ Yukari or Euphemia from Code Geass. Remarkable as well is her talented photographer, MrGnob, she herself a cosplayer and costume-maker.

Here there are a few of their works. For more photos, visit their deviantART pages: Kaikida, MrGnob

All photos by MrGnob

Main photo by JustMoolti


  1. Anna says:

    she is so beautiful,i love her cosplays

  2. MrGnob says:

    Sorry, but there are no photos of JustMoolty on this page..

  3. MrGnob says:

    ohh, didn’t see the Main Page! My apologizes!! ^^

  4. Jen says:

    Wow, that is one fascinating Euphie!

  5. Akirha says:

    beautiful ! inspiring! ^_^

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