A very talented cosplayer, Skye is already known among the cosplay fans for her beautifully portrayed characters. Her characters of choice are mostly sensual and charming women, such as Soah from The Bride of the Water God, Himawari from xxxHolic or Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.

She always challenges herself with difficult to make dresses and outfits, and the results show her talent not only as a cosplayer, but also as a costume-maker. We asked her a few questions to find out more about how she works and what does cosplay mean to her.

Years of Cosplay: 7
Singapore / Melbourne

Skye Cosplay

Iteza Sheryl, Photo by Zerartul
Hagane Miku , Photo by KazeX
Majoko, Photo by Shiroin
Loli Shery, Photo by Shiroin
Myoubi, Photo by Zerartul
Mio, Photo by Zerartul
Euphie, Photo by Garion
Seth Novel, Photo by Ahbu
Soah, Photo by Garion
Myoubi, Photo by Shiroin
Hel, Photo by Macross
Himawari, Photo by Sim Li Fen

See more pictures and read the full interview in CosplayGen#02.
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Cosplay & Photo Credits:

01. Iteza Sheryl, Photo by Zerartul
02. Hagane Miku , Photo by KazeX
03. Majoko, Photo by Shiroin
04. Loli Shery, Photo by Shiroin
05. Myoubi, Photo by Zerartul
06. Mio, Photo by Zerartul
07. Euphie, Photo by Garion
08. Seth Novel, Photo by Ahbu
09. Soah, Photo by Garion
10. Myoubi, Photo by Shiroin
11. Hel, Photo by Macross
12. Himawari, Photo by Sim Li Fen


  1. AiKiren says:

    I love her Seth cosplay, simply beautiful *_*

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