Aura Rinoa’s Blood Elf Priestess has established Southern Italy and Sicily firmly in the sky of costume cosmic play. World of Warcraft is (thankfully!) not only about over-sized sweaty saturated fat-laden and overly depressed dorks. The World of Warcraft can be a four-year love story influencing and enhancing your sartorial imagination beyond mere props and gaming preferences. Once again, international conventions are invaluable in their recognition of the craft & skill invested into hand-painted individuality and hand-stitched perfection.

Aura Rino
Years of Cosplay: 9 years
Palermo, Sicily, Italy

The cosplayer

With an experience of over 9 years in the world of cosplay, Aura Rinoa has already achieved an extensive portfolio comprised of a various set of characters. To her, cosplay is a way to break out from the everyday life, and to show others what she can do. During her activity as cosplayer, which debuted in 2003 at Lucca Comics and Games – one of the most important international conventions – she also contributed to the establishment of the first cosplay community in Sicily and of the first Sicilian convention, Cospladya Comics & Games, which she considers her greatest achievement until now. Her passion for cosplay never ceased, but grew stronger and stronger with every new costume and convention; the same can be said about her will to convey as many emotions as possible through her skits and to bring her favorite characters to life.

The costume

Blood Elf Priestess from World of Warcraft remains one of her best costumes. She chose to cosplay a character from this game mainly because World of Warcraft, which she played for four years with her friends, has greatly influenced her, but also because she sometimes prefers videogames to manga, as they provide more complex costumes and a wider range of characters. Her Blood Elf cosplay also brought her many satisfactions and permitted her to win a contest as a testimonial for an Italian convention.

The production process for this costume wasn’t an easy task at all. Each piece was made of velvet decorated with glitter and hand-painted individually. The top was created by modifying a bra, to which she added a pair of transparent breeches, and by covering it up with velvet. On the upper part of the cups she added some forex scales separated by a layer of faux leather sewn directly onto the velvet.

Some parts, like the gloves and the belt, have a piece of canvas inside, in order to maintain the shape, while on the outer section of both of them she sewed a golden ribbon. On top of this, she sewed a layer of sequins: meters and meters of them, entirely hand-stitched. Other pieces were enriched by adding some Swarovski crystals later on.

The armbands were made of forex and craft foam – a tutorial is available on Aura’s website. The belt was made using the same technique and it was closed with a golden chain.

The skirt was made of different layers of fabric, held together with press-studs and decorated with over four meters of trimming on the rear. On the fabric part of the belt she punctured some small holes, in order to pass a few small golden chains through them, so that she could re-create the original weaving from the front of the skirt. She bought the boots on eBay, and afterwards she modified them according to the costume, also adding some gems. The staff was a present from a friend of hers.

Awards and prizes

The Blood Elf Priestess cosplay brought Aura not only the personal satisfaction of a wonderfully made costume, but also three awards: two for the most difficult costume, and one for the best group. Also, if being selected as the testimonial for a convention counts as an award, then we can safely say that the Blood Elf Priestess was awarded not three, but four prizes. Winning at Lucca Comics was a huge satisfaction to her; they were quite a large group among hundreds of participants. And it’s not easy at all to win a prize at one of the most important conventions in Europe and in the world. Let’s just wish her a lot of luck and many awards from now on too!

Photo credits:

Marco Nardi aka OperationOne

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