Years of cosplay: 2
Oxnard, CA, United States
We’ll bring you marvelous costumes from around the globe that may ignite your inspiration, and from witch you can attain new information and learn about new prop-making techniques. The column debut starts with a massive and impressive costume called Blitzcrank by D-Slim, that appears to have emerged from “League of Legends”. D-Slim will be teaching us how easy is to work with cardboard and about the importance of the teams’s support, and he will tell us how hard it is to transport a massive costume to a convention.
D-Slim as Blitzcrank // Photo by Ben Hipple
D-Slim as Blitzcrank (League of Legend) // Photo by Ben Hipple
Cosplay GEN: Can you tell us what sort of gratification has cosplay brought you, and why did you chose to enter in this universe?
D-Slim: I entered cosplaying because I wanted to use my talents to bring innovation and ideas never seen before to the community. The fulfillment comes from seeing the character I built come to life and the peoples reaction when I unveil it. To be able to put smiles on peoples faces when they see my work makes all the effort worth it in the end.
D-Slim as Blitzcrank (League of Legend) // Photo by Ben Hipple
Cosplay GEN: Which were the most challenging aspects of this cosplay and how did you handle them?
D-Slim: The most challenging part of the Blitzcrank cosplay was transportation. The massiveness of the cosplay made it impossible for conventional vehicles to get it anywhere. To address this to Anime Expo, I called some friends who I would dub “Team Crank Dat”, and we made a convoy of 2 pickup trucks and 1 SUV, each carrying parts of the costume to the convention center garage. For the forest photoshoot, I used a 14′ U-haul as transport since there was no size constraint for the vehicle at the photoshoot site.
D-Slim as Blitzcrank (League of Legend) // Photo by Ben Hipple
Cosplay GEN: Is there a reason why you use cardboard, and paper as your work medium, or do you simply want to cut costs?
D-Slim: Cardboard is a very easy medium to work with. My primary tools are a ruler and box cutter. My ideas for cosplays focus on having simple geometries. However, cardboard still allows for deep detail which I always try to incorporate. Also, it definitely doesn’t hurt that it’s free. It allows me to spend more on better paint, piping, and other materials.
D-Slim as Blitzcrank (League of Legend) // Photo by Ben Hipple
Cosplay GEN: Do you plan to use this cardboard method for other cosplays in the future?
D-Slim: I plan on staying with cardboard as the primary structural medium in the future. I plan to integrate more details into my cosplays such as electronics and lighting.
D-Slim as Blitzcrank (League of Legend) // Photo by Ben Hipple
Cosplay GEN: Do you find it difficult to move around in your costumes, at conventions or at photo-shoots? If you have a funny story about it, you can share!
D-Slim: Blitzcrank was a 3-person lift (me in the body, 1 person on each arm) in order to get it mobile. Without three, it’s completely immobile with the combined weight of the body and arms resting on my shoulders. At Anime Expo, while I was encircled by photographers, my friend told me to sway side-to-side if it was getting too heavy. I immediately started shaking, however, no one answered as the weight started taking a toll on my shoulders. After about 15 minutes, the costume was lifted off, and I hit the ground in exhaustion telling them I was shaking to get out. They thought I was putting a show on for the crowd.


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