Hey there! We just wanted to let you know that the magazine is out in the world and we have already sent out the pre-orders and started taking orders for the first issue. Just to remind you, we ship anywhere in the world and now our Shop page also has a preview of the magazine.

Please leave us some feedback after you get it!


  1. Kevin Pack says:

    Looking forward to receiving my copy.

  2. Himi says:

    Wow! I recieved mien today.
    Its just gorgeous!!! <3

  3. Amy says:

    I have it !
    Haven’t had the time to fully read it yet, but it’s gorgeous ! The images quality is great ; and the articles I’ve read up to now are really interesting.

    Keep up the good work ; we’re waiting for a number 2 now =D

  4. Kuro says:

    Mine came today – it’s simply amazing. There’s just the funny part of me thinking it was gonna be around A4 and it’s an A5. LOL

    I want a second issue. Good luck and good work!

    • Kuro says:

      I just read the WHOLE magazine yesterday. Every single page is awesome. I loved the tricks and tips about the themes featured, as well as the those same themes.

      One or two english errors (mostly missing letters at the end of words) that you have to be careful about, but you did a great job!

  5. Jessica says:

    I can’t wait to get mine! ^_^

  6. Mark says:

    Gah! I can’t wait to get mine now… I hope it gets here soon ^^

  7. Mazoku says:

    Uwah~~~ I definitely hope my issue gets here soon. ^.^

  8. Joanne says:

    I Read it. And i LOVE IT! Wonderful Intro almost bring tears to my eyes~ almost. lol.

    All the articles are amazing~ Interview with cosplayers are awesome! It’s interesting to see people who think things through almost the same way~ and some goes the other way~ WONDERFUL! GREAT JOB guys!

  9. acewildgal says:

    love it! Will need to share with my fellow cosplayers. looking forward to issue 2!

  10. Mads says:

    Just ordered my copy, very exited to receive it!

  11. MrHankey says:

    now that it’s soldout , how can one get a copy of it 🙁 ?

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