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// January 29, 2011

While the cosplay subculture doesn’t have nearly enough videos as others to express how amazing it truly is, regardless if to some people it is just a hobby or a way of life, there are still some videos out there that caught our attention.

Cosplay: The Documentary

One of the most promising video projects out there is Erica Weatherbee’s (aka ReekaValentyne) ‘Cosplay: The Documentary’, which is set to come out sometime this fall or winter. The documentary intends to provide an insight into the cosplay community, to show how cosplay changes people by making new friends, and through the dedication and creativity with which people approach this hobby. From what we can see in the trailers they’ve released until now, it’s doing exactly that and we can’t wait to see the final product. You can check out an interview with Erica on Japanator; for more info on the documentary, check out their official website.

My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers

Josh Laner‘s ‘My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers’ will be chronicling the lives of 3 distinctly different cosplayers as they will be preparing their costumes for upcoming conventions. No release date has been set yet, and it looks like he’s still searching for the perfect beginner cosplayer, but we’re having high hopes for this one as well.

Cosplay Music Videos

While there are loads of anime music videos out there, there are only a few cosplay music videos. Cosplayers and photographers might not have studio equipment at their disposal; however, they can still bring out some amazing results. Here’s a few that we like:

An interesting fact here is that they’re all Vocaloid.

Conventions fanvideos

We can’t talk about conventions fanvideos without mentioning Ackson Lee, one of our favorite convention fanvideo makers. His videos, focusing mainly on a cosplayers, aren’t your ordinary convention coverage videos; each of them showcases cosplayers in a very artistic way, acting their roles and enjoying themselves.

Here’s his latest videos from Anime Los Angeles:

And you can take a closer look behind the California cosplay scene in this video (warning: very amusing). Make sure you check out his YouTube channel.

And here there are two videos from last year’s Anime Expo, made by Eric Ng (aka Bigwhitebazooka), combining photography with video.

Anything we missed? Do leave a comment with what you think are great cosplay video projects; we’d love to see some more!


  1. One of my favorite convention videos is Shiroin’s ALA video from last year:
    No editing afaik, and so not as visually impressive, but it gets the feel of the event across well.

  2. CosplayTS says:

    I’m pretty sure you know about us from [http://youtube.com/cosplaytheseries] since you Liked it on Facebook, and I think it’d be awesome if you covered this series as well 😀 We’re a small team of filmmakers dedicated to making an entire web series of cosplay videos!

  3. […] Cosplay Video Projects […]

  4. Leena Cruz says:

    Wow, I didnt know about Cosplay Music Videos, I loved the “Just be friends” interpretation!!

    Also I really was amazed with the Anime LA 2011 Fan video, I want to go there!! This video reminds me about the meaning of cosplay for me : just having fun! So much Fun!

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