The second season of Cosplay: The Series has already come to an end, with episodes 16,17 and 18. I’m sure many of you would have wanted to witness more of the Q-Cosushinkai members’ adventures, and we all hope we’ll meet them again soon.

Also, don’t forget to submit your work for the Cosplay: The Series Fanart Contest, as there is not too much time left until December 31, the last submission day. If among you there are people who still don’t know about this contest, just check the Facebook page or deviantART page of Cosplay: The Series for details. Among other interesting and tempting prizes, you can win also copies of the second and third issues of Cosplay Gen!

But for now let’s move on to the last three episodes of Cosplay the Series

Episode 16

In Episode 16, Battle Begins! Our friends finally get to see what is the real extent of the power bestowed upon them by the Legendary Treasure, which makes the fight with the enemy seem only a game played on easy mode. Annisa, Ocha, Mel and Bel and all the others defeat the evil forces in the blink of an eye. Nyan Cat can tell! And if you had doubts about Cloud, now it’s time to find out the truth! By watching this episode with an unexpected ending and enemy revival:

Episode 17

The forces of evil have unleashed their secret weapon, The Prototype, so Cloud considers that time has come for the backup plan; therefore, she summons a quartet of very skilled youngsters, hoping for victory. Together with her sister, headmistress Kartini (whom I’m sure our friends have really missed) she goes to free the three captives from the enemy’s headquarters, revealing that Nesya had been kidnapped for the sole reason she was the only healer of The Organization. Meanwhile, as the four warriors are defeated one by one, another secret comes to light… If you want to find out what that is, watch Episode 17, The Backup:

Episode 18

Our friends finally win the battle, but all that experience leaves them tired, both physically and mentally. And who wouldn’t be like that if suddenly becomes a superhero in a battle one cannot fully understand? Is it ok to put lives in danger even if the purpose is a good one? Or it should have been better to protect the dear ones, but put the world in danger instead? Neither headmistress Kartini, nor Cloud can answer that. The kids seem to return to their normal lives, but what will Vincent do? Will he accept the role of future leader of The Organization? And, although everything seems peaceful and quiet for now, evil is still lurking in some unknown place. But for now watch how this season ends, in Episode 18: Evil Thwarted:

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