The adventures of the Q-Cosushinkai members continue to unfold over other three new episodes of Cosplay: The Series, filled with suspense, thrill and also humor, reveling unexpected and breathtaking situations, which just make you want to find out immediately what happens next. But let’s see what episodes 13, 14 and 15 have in store for us…

Episode 13

Three minutes and a half packed with action and new challenges. After headmistress Kartini‘s disappearance, Vincent decided to keep a low profile, but Sukma informs him one night about the threats fallen upon the school, about the ruthless new headmaster, and about the strange disappearance of the new student who tried to rebel against him. And it seems Agnesya is the next on his list. Is this really the time for Vincent to remain hidden? Wait…. Why does Agnesya‘s mom look like Grell?! Just watch Episode 13: The Last Straw and you’ll surely find out!

Episode 14

Cosplay itself has its own magic. But what if the cosplay materials you use have the magical feature to bestow upon you the powers of the character you cosplay as? In other words, to turn you into a superhero? That would undoubtedly rise a whole army of enemies against you, and this is exactly what happens in the case of Q-Cosushinkai members… Vincent finally returns, though injured, in order to reveal the whole truth to his friends. Also, the school nurse, Rahayu (aka Cloud), headmistress Kartini‘s younger sister, appears and tells the cosplay crew the story of The Organization. What is The Organization? And what is its connection with the previous kidnaps? And what is Cloud doing alongside the enemy?! Too many questions, whose answers are all found in Episode 14: A Mole in The Organization.

Episode 15

“Normal” versus “Freak” – a comparison pretty habitual in the contemporary society. Yet, in the case of the latter, frustration can lead to the worst scenarios, such as the will to punish the first category. And this is how we get some insight into the personal views of Q-Cosushinkai‘s enemy. At the same time, when their friends’ safety is at stake, what other choice could remain for the cosplay club members than to train for the fight? One week at the base of The Organization, and our friends become new persons, ready to confront the enemy, who finally shows up, right at the end of Episode 15: The Initiation!

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