I’m sure you all remember the Q-Cosushinkai crew, who were the protagonists of Cosplay: The Series. To the joy of many of you, they returned in a second season packed with adventure, thrill, and surprises who will definitely take your breath away.

Episode 10

The second season of Cosplay: The Series leads the viewer directly into action, on a much darker note than the previous one. The Cosplay Club had lost two members, but that doesn’t stop the rest to plan the beginning of the long-awaited original cosplay project promised to Headmistress Kartini. But when ghosts start to mingle in the events, everything is suddenly becoming more complicated. Who is the mysterious school girl who gives Bando a bag full of cosplay materials? What does Vincent-senpai know of all this? And, moreover, what about the evil forces who menace to become stronger and stronger? Just take a deep breath, prepare for the action and watch the first episode of the second season of Cosplay: The Series!

Episode 11

It’s only the second episode of the new series and everything is starting to get fired up already. Headmistress Kartini suddenly leaves the school without any explanation, after asking Sukma to take care of the school together with Vincent and forget their differences. Then it seems that the ghosts from the first episode weren’t a mere happening, but threaten to become serious business. A weird new schoolmate, and a new Headmaster of which no one knows nothing, not even his face! And what’s with the unexpected zombie attack?? Highschool of the Dead meets Q-Cosushinkai Cosplay Club, in a brand new Cosplay: The Series episode!

Episode 12

This episode of the second Cosplay: The Series season teaches us what heroes are made of. You’ll make a little time travel in order to find out the story of Anya, a lonely child who was bullied and misunderstood, whose only friends were her manga volumes. Also, her mother recounts how cosplay changed the life of her daughter, and what this hobby means to her. However, the end of the episode brings us back to the present reality of a scary Headmaster, and of a student who tried to rebel against him and disappeared right in the Teachers’ Launge.


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  2. Clarinda says:

    You’re a real deep thinekr. Thanks for sharing.

  3. There’s definitely a Dark Side to the whole indie/freeform phenomenon. All too often, there’s a particularly noxious kind of snobbery involved. (A subject for a future thread perhaps.)Back in the days of yore that Kevin described, I really wanted to get involved with KDVS and maybe do a show, but the clique that inhabited the station scared me away. In retrospect, they were pretty laughable–suburban white kids wearing black leather jackets. But their disdain for the non-cognoscenti was quite palpable. To me, anyway.

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