It’s been a long time since Cosplay GEN #05 was launched and we know that many of you are wondering when the next issue will come out.

Actually, during the last months, we had quite a hectic period that translated into publishing a new issue of the re-launched Otaku MAG and, most recently, the organizing of the 7th edition of one of our local conventions, Otaku Festival. We are really happy because we had as guests REIKA from Japan – we are glad that our country was the first European country she ever visited, and we hope to see her again here – along with Julia Laurant from Singapore/Denmark, and Nikita and Sikay from France. And we would like to thank them for being such wonderful guests.

Now that the waters on our seas are still, we can finally continue our work on issue #06 of Cosplay GEN. We are more enthusiastic than ever and be sure that we will make up for the long break and we will bring you awesome content and surprises. More details to come soon!

Thanks a million to all our readers, contributors and partners for supporting and keeping this independent magazine alive.



  1. Larg says:

    Excellent! i waiting for the new Issue!!!

  2. Marzie says:

    Fantastic! *____*
    Can’t wait for the new issue!!

  3. Yvoon says:

    I still havent received my #05 copy and I paid last year. I would appreciate it if CosplayGen solved this problem soon. πŸ™

  4. Rob says:

    Hey guys,

    got #05 today. It is my first issue of yours and it is amazing! Great mix of interviews, photos and tutorials! The next issue will be mine for sure. I would appreciate it if there would be a way to get #01-04, too. Are there by any chance left issues at your store? Or is a reprint a possibility? Would be happy to here from you!
    Greetings from germany!

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