In this issue you will find out a little something about cross dressing in J-Rock cosplay; portrait photography; Blame! cosplay and Vocaloid cosplay. In the DIY section you will find out how to make Madame Red’s bow, Sice’s huge scythe, or how to accomplish the perfect SeeU make-up. The fan sections and event reviews also have their dedicated pages, and the bonus isn’t missing from this issue either: a pretty glossy sheet of stickers made available by our partner MIKUBOOK.COM!

As usual, Cosplay GEN #05 brings you interesting stories, this time gathered from France, Russia, Finland, Korea, USA, and China, among others. Nikita, Adelhaid and Elffi will share their experiences as cosplayers, in dedicated profiles. Hybridre will reveal her secrets as both photographer and cosplayer, in an extended interview; Yami no Cosmos and NealBomBad will explain how they made two simply amazing costumes, in the Costume Showcase sections. And Korean cosplayer MiYo will tell us about what it means to make over 100 cosplay costumes in only one year, in a very inspiring cover story.

Cosplay GEN #05 is not just playing along. Cosplay GEN #05 is offering another unmatched tactile, material, textured hyper-real quest into everybody’s favorite character-land to blow your senses. Here there is just a few pickings of the visual bonanza coming your way. Whether it is cross-dressing, transcending gender roles, holographic Vocaloid idols, or just searching for the perfect shot – there is always room for more. 

Browsing through Cosplay GEN #05 introduces the newbie as well as the hardened perfectionist to a world of stunning and seamless props, cyberpunk hardware cable & wire costumes, fabulously airy & floating photography on high quality print. We ourselves cannot take our eyes off the endless array of hues, historical backdrops and themed interiors used as set-ups for cosplay overlords and costume high priestess.

Don’t be afraid to share your secret dreams, wishes and complaints with us. We are happy to be part of your expanded imaginary worlds and listen carefully to your shouts & whispers. And for those who have already received Cosplay GEN #05: we are eagerly waiting for your comments, feedback and review/preview links below!



  1. Rory says:

    Wow, i really liked the PV, good job.
    What happened to the winners of a free copy? Did they get it already?

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