Cosplay Gen #05 is out!6

// May 30, 2012

Cosplay GEN #05 was finally launched last weekend, during Otaku Festival, an event that took place in Bucharest, Romania on May 26-27, whose special guests were Calssara from Germany, featured in Cosplay GEN #03, and Elffi from Finland, featured right in this latest issue of the magazine!

The good news is that the magazine is now available for order, and the pre-orders have already begun to be shipped! And, of course, a full preview of Cosplay GEN #5 will be available soon on our website. Please see below a DTP preview of Cosplay GEN #05.

Profile: Nikita (FR)

Article: The Multiple Patterns of J-Rock: Insights on Crossdressing and Crossplay

Profil:Adelhaid (RU)

Interview: Hybridre (CH)

Cover story: Miyo (KR)

Article: The Synthesized Rhythm of a Cosplay or How to Bring a Vocaloid to Life

Article: The Art of Obscurity: Creating ‘BLAME!’ Cosplays

Profile: NealBomBad (US)

Review: MCM Expo 2011: The EuroCosplay Experience

Cosplayer Showcase: Yami (SE)

Profile: Elffi (FI)

Main photo by MusashinoMag


  1. Marzie says:

    That’s great!
    So what about winners of free copies of Cosplay GEN #5?

  2. Sayuuki says:

    I bought the magazine at Otaku Festival, I already read it and it’s amazing! Thanks everyone for the hard work, I really like the magazine!

  3. Sese says:

    Cant wait for mine to arrive ^^

  4. Sheean says:

    Can’t wait to get my copy! Unfortuneatly it takes 3 whole weeks for it to get to me. 🙁 Ah well, I’ll just wait by the mailbox everyday till then. XD

  5. Kanda says:

    I wait it with impatiently >o<

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