Alright, we’ve kept you waiting long enough: Cosplay Gen #03 is now available for pre-order! Now let us tell you what’s new in our third issue!

Cosplay Gen #03 cover

Cosplay by TASHA // Photo by Kim Tai Sik aka SINME

What’s changed in the third issue?

We will now have 108 pages featuring all sorts of great, talented people from around the world, it’s gonna be perfectly bound, and with 100% no ads!

We couldn’t offer you a poster in the second issue, but this time we have a limited number of 500 posters, so make sure you go to our Shop page and pre-order your copy right away!

This issue we’ll be plunging deeper into cosplay photography, with Anthony (blur) taking us for a little dive into Underwater Cosplay Photography, while William (Rescend) Wong will explain some of the basics of Cinematic Photography.

Acksonl’s videos have been featured on numerous occasions on our website and we love them, that’s why we’ve decided, in this issue, to interview the man behind the camera! And speaking of behind the camera, all this time we’ve featured great cosplayers with equally great photos showcasing their talent, and this time we have our first interview with cosplay photographer Eric Ng (Bigwhitebazooka).

Props making meister Harrison Krix (Volpin) will be showing us how to make a sword in his own sword-making tutorial, while RainerTachibana is going to show us, in her make-up tutorial, how to achieve that Kaname Kuran (Vampire Knight) look.

Fashion-wise, Cyril Lumboy, the wonderful Lolita designer from the Philipines, will be taking us a bit into her Lolita world and tell us what it takes to go from a Dainty Doll to a Pastel Princess.

And, of course, our latest addition to the magazine is the special column dedicated to our fans, Worldwide Fans, which includes photos from our deviantART group.

Curious about the other cosplayers who’re getting featured in this issue? Don’t worry! We’re going to be discovering them together. Each week we’re going to post an illustration and have you guys guess the cosplayer, the character and series they’re cosplaying from. We’re gonna be picking out a winner, randomly, from those who answer correctly and you’ll be getting a free copy of the third issue as a prize!

Well that’s it for now, we’re gonna be revealing more and more stuff along the way, with an actual preview of how the magazine is going to look coming soon. Look forward to next week’s contest and check our website often for more updates!

Note: All deliveries will be starting at the end of May 2011.

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