Cosplay Gen #01 DTP Preview5

// April 11, 2010

Hi there, we’re almost done with the desktop publishing phase of the magazine and then it’s off to the printers! In the meantime we offer you a small preview of how Cosplay Gen is going to look like.

We hope you like it!

EDITORIAL: The Beginning of a Journey

// Editorial by Ruxandra Tarca // Cosplay credit: RainerTachibana
// Photo Credit: Rescend

INTERVIEW: Alice in Steampunkland

// Interview by Cristian Botea // Cosplay credit: Yan/Cvy // Photo Credit: Adrian Song

ARTICLE: Lighting in Cosplay Photography

// Article&Photos by Thomas Kuan/Hexlord // Cosplay credits (left to right):
Helper & 1. Nakuru; 2. Ototsuki; 3. Bunny-chan; 4. Firnheledien; 5. LennethXVII

INTERVIEW: Jesuke – The Passion for Cosplay

// Interview by Ruxandra Tarca and Cristian Botea // Cosplay credit: Jesuke
// Photo Credits: 1. Shiro Ang; 2-3. Staci


// Profile:Yaya Han // Cosplay credit: Yaya Han // Photo Credit: Judy Stephens


  1. cami says:

    awesome!!! can’t wait!

  2. Tzur says:

    Oh my God, the YAYA HAN picture si sooo cool and sick at the same time, I can hardly wait to see the printed stuff….

  3. makyz says:

    Just preordered, this lightning looks amazing!

  4. AuraRinoa says:

    Very nice 🙂 just let me know if you want me to contribute! (I am on Otacool2 ^_^)

  5. Awesome! I can’t wait!

    And please let me know if you would like me to contribute anything! =)

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